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Winter Holiday Getaway Ideas (Without A Christmas Market In Sight)

May 21, 2020

Winter Holiday Getaway Ideas (Without A Christmas Market In Sight)

May 21, 2020

Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t take well to sunshine and prefer the cooler times of the year. After all, we can’t all be sun worshippers! And while this means that we naturally gravitate towards cooler climates, when we are looking to get the most out of the winter-time without resorting to all sorts of Christmas based activities, what can we all do to make the most of a winter holiday? Is it really all about Christmas markets?

Skiing Holidays

One of the most straightforward ways to get the benefit of winter but without feeling all Christmassy would be to go on a skiing holiday. For those people who don’t have much money and think of skiing holidays as a costly venture, booking a chalet with a group of friends so you can all hang out for the winter helps to spread the cost. A place like the Chalet Husky in Val d’Isère can help you to get some skiing experience under your belt while making the most of winter without being surrounded by decorations. If you like something cosy by the fireside, but without all of those cliched Christmas trappings this can certainly straddle the balance! The great thing about going skiing is that you are getting away from normality for a week without it being a lazy and sluggish winter expedition. One of the big problems we all have during the winter is that we feel so sluggish that we can’t be bothered to do anything. Going skiing is undoubtedly the perfect way to keep your endorphins up!

Hitting The Beach In Winter

On the other hand, you might be someone who likes the idea of hitting the beach but without feeling that you are sweltering in the heat. You could go to somewhere like Cancun in Mexico and get your fill of scuba diving and relaxing on the sand. It certainly is paradise, but it doesn’t feel incredibly overwhelming. As well as this, there are places like Sardinia that’s very popular during the summer but just as beautiful in the winter. If you want to relax on a rock face overlooking a deep blue sea and go exploring, Sardinia is a fantastic choice. And it scores double points because of all the tasty Italian food! After all, not everybody likes a massive turkey feast. If you want your traditional (what seems like a 500 course) Italian meal with coffee and the most beautiful tiramisu you’ll ever eat, you can’t go wrong with Italy!

Picking Your Own Itinerary

Of course, you don’t need to choose a specific destination if you can go exploring without boundaries. Going backpacking during the winter isn’t an ideal choice for many, but if you are looking to get the benefits of a colder climate, you could venture into Europe and get into the cafe culture. Be that person who has always wanted to write their novel but never had the opportunity to. You could easily go to Reykjavik and bundle up warm and get into a contemplative state of mind. On the other hand, you may want to go far east to Koh Tao in Thailand. While Thailand has so many beautiful islands, this one gives you the opportunity to hit numerous beaches and coves, but it can also be incredibly cheap. Thailand is one of those places that isn’t touched by the typical western idea of winter. And it’s not just because of the climate. When you go to Thailand, you are heading away from all sorts of normality. It’s one of the places that we should all go to experience a simpler quality of life.

What If You Just Want A Warmer Christmas?

Some people love the idea of Christmas but don’t necessarily like the idea of winter. Australians do Christmas like they do everything else, with a barbecue on the beach! There is a reason that Australia is one of the most popular winter holiday destinations. So if you want a little reminder of Christmas but with a tasty meat platter in front of you, Sydney, and specifically Bondi beach allows you to sink a beer and relax with a barbecue on the beach, and you could even go surfing with Santa if you really want! It’s arguably one of the best ways to beat the winter blues.

Winter doesn’t have to be depressing and cold. If you are trying to get away from the ideals of Christmas or you want to shake up your winter holiday ideas, there’s plenty to go around. Whether it’s skiing so you can embrace the cold or head Down Under to feel the warmth or experience something completely different, the wintertime is not just the best way to grab a bargain!


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