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Most of the time my blog is a place to share ALL about my adventures and travels, but today I get to talk about something that is incredibly special to me.

When I’m not travelling to a new country, 90% of the time I’m at home on my sofa working away at my digital marketing business. My boyfriend works a 9-5 job so a lot of the time I am alone. Luckily, I never have to feel lonely as I have my trusty assistant sidekick by my side - Dexter.

We’ve had Dexter for almost 4 years now (even though it feels like we’ve had him forever). One weekend, after a bloggers event, I decided to surprise my boyfriend by getting him the kitten he’s always wanted. I was a devout dog person until he arrived, but he well and truly changed that.

He may be incredibly naughty and answer back to me ALL the time but he’s honestly one of the best things in my life - which is why I want to treat him as much as I can. 

As part of their new, #treatmycat campaign, WHISKAS®have asked me to share why I treat my cat every day. Whether it’s by letting him sleep on our bed or giving him a gourmet Whiska’s casserole meal, so I thought I’d share some of the cute but quirky things Dexter does to cheer me up.

Why I #TreatMyCat

  • If I don’t wake up on time and sleep through my alarm, he’ll make sure I don’t forget to feed him.
  • When there’s a storm outside he becomes my best friend and sits with me all day.
  • SOMETIMES he doesn’t scratch the sofa.
  • If there’s a spider in the house he will catch it (even it takes him longer than it should).
  • He can be cute, I guess. 

Dexter’s Favourite Treats

  • As much as I think Dexter is fed up of my attention, I always like to treat him with a little bit of extra fuss.
  • He LOVES a gourmet meal, so I like to treat him with Whiskas cat casseroles every now and again.
  • If he’s been extra cute (every day) he gets a big helping of treats!
  • Playing is one of Dexter’s favourite things to do, so we make sure we give him lots of play time every day.
  • As an indoors and outdoors cat, he loves a bit of time outside - unless it’s freezing cold when he runs from the door, not to it.

Being self-employed and spending a lot of time at home is definitely difficult when you have no one to talk to. Thankfully I have Dexter to keep my company and for that reason, he deserves all the love and treats in the world. 

Kirsty Leanne



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