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Why Check Your Tyres Before Going on a Road Trip?

June 20, 2018

Why Check Your Tyres Before Going on a Road Trip?

June 20, 2018

Road trips are a great way of discovering parts of the country you have never seen before. By taking your car on a ferry service overseas, you can explore the entire British Isles as well as the whole of continental Europe. Why should you bother to check your tyres before you head off? What checks should you be making prior to your planned journey?

Good Grip

You need to have excellent traction on the road at all times. When you are on a road trip, you may well be travelling for spells in inclement weather depending on the time of year and how far you drive. Without good grip, you could easily lose control of your car especially if you are on unfamiliar roads. Confirm your tread depth offers plenty of grip by using a gauge which is relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to use.

Flat Tyres

If your tyres are under their recommended pressure, then you will use up more fuel. This is because tyres which are part-flat will create greater rolling resistance. Since a road trip means travelling many miles, you will end up paying much more for fuel than you would otherwise need to. Why spend more? Pump up your tyres.

Legal Matters

You need to make sure that your tyres have sufficient tread depth to be legal at all times. If you are away from home, then replacing illegally worn tyres will be a hassle. Getting tyres checked in different parts of UK, is easy with local websites. Let’s suppose you are in London, looking to buy tyres, you can reserve online from Point S so that before heading off you are ready for the trip. This is so much more convenient than having to do so while you are on holiday or before you break the law!

Sidewall Damage

Tyres don’t just wear down at their outer rims – they suffer damage as they age on their sides, too. You may notice something that looks like scratches on the side of your tyres when you inspect them carefully. This could mean that the rubber compound of each tyre is breaking up which may mean you suffer and unwanted blow out when you are on your road trip.

Spare Tyres

Don’t just check the four main wheels of your car. Look at the spare and make sure that it is ready to use in the event of an emergency. It is true to say that spare tyres are not a full legal requirement in all locations across Europe, but they are in many so ensure yours is valid should you need to utilise it.

Over-Inflated Tyres

Just like under-inflated tyres, ones with too much air in will cause your car to run inefficiently. If you pumped your tyres up for a specific purpose, such as transporting a heavy load, then bring them back to the recommended pressure before embarking on your road trip. This will ensure the full face of the tyre makes contact with the tarmac thereby helping you to maintain full control of your car at all times.

Enjoy your road trip and don’t forget to take items like high-visibility vests and warning triangles with you depending on where you happen to plan your route.

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