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What It’s Like To Date Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christmas As Much As You

December 7, 2020 No Comments

This is a sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can read more about this is my disclaimer here.

I can’t believe that December is here and that in just a few short weeks, it will be Christmas. While this year has felt like an eternity, it really does feel strange that 2020 will be over before we know it.

While I’m struggling to find my Christmas spirit this year, I am excited that my favourite time of year is just around the corner. From the cosy nights watching Christmas movies to the new recipes I want to try, I really am looking forward to a welcome distraction.

This year, however, I’m hoping I can get my boyfriend involved with some of the festivities.

As someone who usually stays away from Christmas festivities, he’s probably not going to be too happy when I start suggesting we build gingerbread houses together while we watch Miracle On 34th Street.

So, What Is It Like Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christmas As Much As You?

Having been together almost eight years now, I’m pretty used to the fact that my boyfriend isn’t as into Christmas as I am and honestly, I do get it. The over-the-top music and constant need to be ‘busy’ isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re someone who prefers your own space 99.9% of the time.

I totally understand that it can be overwhelming and so I do my best not to be over the top when it comes to my Christmas plans, but I know that for some being with someone who doesn’t enjoy Christmas as much as you may be a little bit of a deal-breaker. If so, you may want to consider including that on your online dating profile, just as a little heads up 😉

Whether you’re in Manchester dating and looking for Manchester singles or you’re spending your days swiping through Tinder, sometimes it’s best to make sure you’re upfront about the things you love right away, even if that means mentioning your love for Christmas in your online dating bio.

While I do feel sad that we don’t do some of the usual things couples may do at Christmas, we still find lots of ways to make it as special as we can. A compromise, of sorts.

That means that most of the time, he doesn’t grumble if I ask to go to the Christmas markets where there is beer, but he will have something to say if I ask him to help me put the Christmas decorations up (unless it’s the star on the top of the tree, of course).

With my choices for people to do Christmassy things with being a little bit limited due to the pandemic this year, I’m hoping that he will say yes to a couple more activities together as a one off. We shall see…

Are you dating someone who doesn’t love Christmas as much as you? Or are you the person in the relationship that would rather give Christmas a miss each year? I’d love to know how you navigate your relationship at this time of year! 

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