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Three Bedrooms Inspired by a Love of Travel

April 11, 2018

Three Bedrooms Inspired by a Love of Travel

April 11, 2018

I mentioned in a recent post that I am having to cut back on the travel for a few months as something exciting is happening – we’re moving house!

We currently rent a three bedroom house back in my home town, but after problems with the landlord we are going be leaving at the end of July in the hopes we will find somewhere where we have a much better relationship with the agency. Wishful thinking, right?

Moving house can only mean on thing though, I am now CONSTANTLY on the look out for ways to decorate the new place and I pretty much live on Pinterest.

The first room I am hoping to get the way I want it is actually the bedroom. In all of the houses we have rented so far I haven’t had a bedroom I have liked. Because of this (and my lack of sleep lately) I am thinking this is the best place to start, as I feel a bedroom that I love will mean I sleep better. That makes sense, right?

I already *loosely* know the theme that I want the room to be, but the main focus I want for my bedroom is – you guessed it – travel.

So, as I am getting excited ridiculously early about moving, I thought I’d share my three favourite travel inspired bedrooms I have found on Pinterest so far.

I don’t think for a million years I’d be able to pull this off because 1) my cat would make the wicker chair his scratching post and 2) it looks like it would cost a fortune to create. I really love the ‘Morocco’ theme it has going on with the tapestry on the wall and the carpet, but this one if definitely a dream room rather than reality. I am also not sure I want a bed without a head board as whenever I sit up, it pushes away from the wall. ?

I love how simple this room is as it makes it look really clean, but realistically I probably won’t find a house with white wash wooden floors, will I? I *think* I could definitely do this in a version of my colours though, as long as I am allowed to put something on the walls. I also love the headboard on the bed on this one, so I am thinking if we do go for something similar we’ll treat ourselves to new bed (I have my eye on an IKEA one) and a mattress from Groupon with these new mattress deals. Why not, right? I love how you get pretty much anything on Groupon, at a fraction of the price. I regularly use it to book holidays, buy gifts for people and get some absolute bargains for the house.

The final one I love is this very subtle look. I love the clocks with times set from around the room, so I am going to make it my mission to do this in at least one room in my house when I move. I also love how rustic it feels. I’ve always gone for quite modern and bright looks when decorating, but I don’t want to be afraid of going a little darker when we move.

I can’t wait to finally move to a house we like and although it means taking a break from travel, I’m excited to incorporate one of my favourite things into my our new (rented) home. 

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