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Travel Postcards - The Souvenir I’ll Always Buy

September 28, 2017

Travel Postcards - The Souvenir I’ll Always Buy

September 28, 2017

Whenever I travel somewhere, new or old, I have to pick up some souvenirs.

I know eventually I’m going to run out of places to put all of the little trinkets I come home with, but there’s something about having little keepsakes from every town I visit that I just love.

I tend to pick up the something the city is known for (for example I got wooden tulips in Amsterdam) then either a t-shirt, flag, key ring, guidebook or all of the above.

There is one souvenir that I never fail to pick up when travelling though, travel postcards.

I know postcards are meant to be bought with the intention to send them to family and friends while you’re travelling, but I love buying them for myself as memories of the places I have visited.

Whenever I go away I make sure to pick up at least four or five different postcards in different styles as truth be told, I don’t really know what I eventually plan to do with them. Currently, they’re all in my bedside table waiting for me to decide…

I  have a couple of ideas of what I could do with them:

Collage in My Office

At the moment the walls in my office are pretty plain so I definitely need to spruce them up a little bit. At University, I always used to decorate my accommodation walls with my travel photos and postcards, and it’s something I’d love to do again but with a bit of a twist. I’ve seen so many ideas on Pinterest for ways to display them that isn’t just the usual Blu-tac to the wall scenario, it’s just finding the time to do it.

Travel Scrapbook

I really really really want to start a travel scrapbook and the only thing holding me back is that I didn’t start sooner, so I don’t have things I can use for all of my previous trips that I could include. I know that’s a bad excuse, but I feel like I’d want to have pages for everywhere I have been, EVER.

I will start one eventually and when I do I know I’ll be using my travel postcards as well as transport tickets, photographs I’ve taken, receipts, maps and other little bits that I pick up along my way.

I always come back from a trip with so many different things I want to keep as a memory - I think it’s about time I used my creativity to put them all into a scrapbook.

Create Postcards Using My Own Photographs

There’s no better feeling than taking a photograph while travelling and thinking ‘That could be a postcard’. We’ve probably all done it, but never gone as far as to actually create our own personal travel postcards from the images we’ve taken.

Rather than printing out my photographs for my travel scrapbook (which I WILL start), I’d love to be able to get them professionally printed and include them that way. I’d probably even send a couple to my friends, as we sometimes like to exchange postcards from our travels.

Gotprint.co.uk offer a service where you can do this, so if like me you want to see your design printed on a professional postcard, definitely check them out here.

Photo Frames

I love the idea of getting one of those giant photo frames where you can put multiple pictures in at once and filling it with postcards of places I’ve been. As I travel quite often I think it would make sense to do one giant photo frame per year, then put them up on the walls in my office.

I’ve also seen smaller versions that involve those photo frames from IKEA that have a little more depth to them so you can fill them with other bits and bobs. I’d love to line these with a postcard from the destination, then fill with train tickets, trinkets and keepsakes from each trip.

I have so many ideas that I really think the postcards need to come out of my drawer and into something a little bit more creative, don’t you think?

Kirsty Leanne




  • Ben Zabulis September 28, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    We love postcards too Kirsty though as well as collecting them we do post some which might well be a dying art. Not many people bother nowadays so ours is a close circle, we only send to those who reciprocate. It is nice to receive a postcard with an exotic stamp however and it’s a great way to keep in touch too. I saved a load which I sent my parents yonks ago and have put them all in a special postcard album, the sort you can get in Smiths etc. Let’s do our bit to keep the postcard industry alive !!


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