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Time Management Tips For People Who Are Always Late

August 30, 2019

Time Management Tips For People Who Are Always Late

August 30, 2019

We’ve all done it; replied ‘I’ll be there in 5’ when a friend drops you a message asking you where you are. Meanwhile, you’re still faffing about trying to find wherever it was that you left your keys for what feels like the third time that day.

We’re all late sometimes, it can’t be helped. But are you the kind of person who is always late?

If you are, there are probably a few simple things you can change about your habits to make sure you’re not the one who runs into that important meeting a sweaty mess because you ‘lost track of time’.

So, here are a few tips to help you get started on your personal time management!

Give yourself some generous wiggle room

Maybe you’re off on holiday. Maybe you’re booking a train travelling from East Croydon to Gatwick Airport in an excited hurry. Maybe in all the excitement, you didn’t look at the train times in relation to your flight times.

It’s easily done, but not planning your journey before going anywhere is one of the biggest pitfalls for late people. Instead of booking everything to the exact minute, give yourself plenty of time to allow for potential slip-ups in your time management.

Set regular reminder alarms

If you’ve got something important, like a meeting at work or a friend’s birthday dinner, remember to set reminder alarms on your phone.

This could be every 10 minutes from the hour leading up to the time of the event. This means those little distractions you find will be rudely interrupted by your alarm telling you to get out of the house. Hopefully, this will stop you from being into that Instagram black hole we’re all too familiar with.

Changing your mindset

Avoiding being late is a habit just like anything else in our lifestyle. It might take a lot of time to work on, but you can change your mindset when it comes to being on time. A small thing you could do would be logging all your appointments about 10 minutes before the actual time. For example, putting a meeting with friends as 19:50 instead of 20:00. This will get you in the routine of leaving at a more appropriate time to make sure you arrive at the agreed place when you’re supposed to.

Be careful not to let this slip into another bad habit which is easily done if you think too much into it. If you’re aware you’ve set the event as a little earlier, you’ll inevitably give yourself that extra 10 minutes without a second thought and then you’ll end up being late … again.

Get yourself a home for your keys

We’re all familiar with the age-old question; ‘Where are my keys, are they in the green bag or that little black bag from the other night?’

When it comes to your keys, your phone, your wallet or any other essential item you take out with you, make sure you’ve got a home for them. This can be a bowl in your kitchen or a drawer by your front door. Either way, get yourself into the routine of emptying your bag or pockets when you get home and keeping all your important things in one place.

Being late isn’t the worst habit in the world but it can be pretty annoying for friends and family if you’re always late. Similarly, these bad habits can potentially slip into your work life too, which is arguably worse.

Luckily, a few simple changes in your attitude and habits means you can work towards always making it on time, no matter where you’re off to.


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