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The Importance Of Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

December 7, 2018

The Importance Of Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

December 7, 2018

Last year I was living in a house that had a broken boiler, and a landlord that refused to fix it.

I honestly didn’t realise until then how important it was to keep your house warm during the colder month. Not only did it affect me and my boyfriend, but it affected my house, any visitors we had and my poor little cat. Despite the fact we had little tiny heaters supplied to use by my Nan, it just wasn’t enough to keep the whole house warm.

Thankfully, we were able to get out of that house and into a much better house with a VERY good landlady. We have a boiler that hasn’t broken yet – touch wood – and so far, we have managed to keep our house warm as the weather gets colder.

So, here are my reasons why having a quality central heating boiler that keeps your house warm should be a priority this winter:

It Keeps You All Warm And Helps Prevent Winter Illness

Staying warm as it gets colder is absolutely vital for your health as it helps prevent you from catching several different illnesses. For me, too much time spent outside means I tend to ear infections, but for others, it results in getting a cold or the flu. If you’re prone to these kinds of illness then it’s incredibly important you try to stay as warm as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to have your heating on all day, but having it come on at various intervals throughout the day will help you more than you think.

It Prevents Damp Spreading In Your House

When your house gets cold the risk of damp spreading throughout your house is much higher. Once you have damp in your house it can spread bacterial infections and cause you to become ill.

Once you have damp in your house it’s incredibly hard to get rid of, so as soon as you start to notice signs of it you should contact your landlord or seek help from a trusted contractor.

It Keeps Your House Feeling Cosy And Comfortable

Whilst this isn’t as apparent as your physical health, having a cosy and comfortable house can seriously improve your mental health, especially if you’re affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It Helps You Sleep Better During Cold Nights

One thing I noticed when we didn’t have a working boiler last winter was that I found it incredibly difficult to sleep. I was either too warm because I was wrapped in a million layers and blankets, or I was too cold because I was uncomfortable wearing all my layers. Now that we have a proper central heating system I can sleep SO MUCH better.

It Helps Keeps Your Pets Warm And Safe

We spent a lot of last year making sure my cat had as many blankets as he needed, and ensured that he was able to sleep in front of a heater if he wanted to. The poor little thing was obviously cold and actually one of our main priorities as we were trying to get our landlord to fix our boiler. Obviously, he’s much warmer and happier in our new house, but I’d never want to put him through being that cold again.

Note: If you’re struggling to pay for your heating this winter, you can find help and advice on the Citizens Advice website here.

How do you keep your home warm during the winter months? 

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