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The Iciest Of Destinations To Venture To

September 28, 2018

The Iciest Of Destinations To Venture To

September 28, 2018

It’s fair to say that the UK is getting a bit nippy now, isn’t it?

We’re having our extra cold morning starts, and we’re only feeling a little bit of warmth through the day. To think that not so long ago we were in a never ending heatwave, this has come as a bit of a shock to the system. But, like with all things, the best can be made of a bad situation, and we think that planning a winter wonderland destination holiday is the best thing to do.

We don’t want to base this on Christmas, as we really don’t want to admit Christmas is so close, but planning a little trip away around Christmas time is so magical, and there are some seriously icy destinations for you to visit. As long as you don’t mind the cold, you wrap up extra warm, and you plan in time, we promise that you will have the most wonderful time! Here are our iciest destinations for you to try.

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It’s in the name… so if you go to Iceland, prepare to feel some serious chill. Well, if we’re honest, it’s no worse than England on an extra cold morning, but there’s a lot more snow to experience. During the month of December, Iceland is in darkness for around 20 hours of the day. You might think that sounds horrible, but it’s in fact one of the best times to visit. All of the snow filled streets are lit up with Christmas decorations, and the warm glow of the shop windows is so inviting. Inside you will find great food, warm drinks, or in fact drinks that’ll eventually make you feel nice and warm. It’s the best time of year to see the Northern lights, and having a dip in one of the lagoons is simply magical. We will warn you though, whilst booking a trip to Iceland in December is not necessarily expensive, the prices when you’re there are through the roof. Take plenty of money, more than you would usually estimate, just to make sure you’re not caught out.


Lapland just oozes that Christmas vibe, it is of course where Santa lives… right? No, we’re not that childish, but if you really do love Christmas and the snow, then this is the perfect place to go. If you have a look at Global Adventure Challenges, you’ll find some really cool Lapland adventures that would see you making the most of it. You have to take a visit to Santa’s grotto… just because, and you should definitely experience a sleigh dog ride. It’s just a beautiful place to visit at that time of year, and you could even stay in an igloo if you wanted to do something really different!

The Alps

The Alps are a pretty cool and adventurous place to be in the winter. Again, Christmas decorations galore, but you can have a bit more fun whilst you’re there. If you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding before, have a few lessons and book yourself a skiing holiday to the Alps. You can get yourself a chalet at the bottom with a roaring fire, and even a hot tub if you have the funds. The food is always great, and you can stop at the bars as you go up the mountain for a tipple or two!

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