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That Lame Company: Blogger #BoxOfLame

October 6, 2016

That Lame Company: Blogger #BoxOfLame

October 6, 2016

Oh my god the That Lame Company #BoxOfLame is back!

It’s been a while since I posted a stationery blog post, but this one just couldn’t wait.

The wonderful Chloe over at Mojichlo (and creator of That Lame Company) has done it again.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of That Lame Company, where have you been? They’re a blogger-run stationery company that has actually taken over my life. I’m pretty sure I have at least 90% of their products, but they are so. hard. to. resist. They make notebooks, notepads, stickers, phone cases, the cutest prints and so much more.

So, what is the That Lame Company #boxoflame?

Every so often That Lame Co will put together boxes with some of their new products in, making it easier for you to buy more at once. The That Lame Company #Boxoflame came in three different varieties - small, big and blogger.

Chloe very very very very kindly sent me a Blogger #Boxoflame so I thought I’d share with you what was in it.

Each blogger box (£25.00) includes:

  • An A4 Blogger Mail Notepad
  • A5 Wire Notebook
  • A5 Notepad
  • A6 Notepad
  • 2 A6 Prints/2 A5 Prints/2 Rose Gold Prints/1 Gold Print
  • 5 Snail Mail Cards
  • 5 Recipe Cards
  • 2 Packs of Stickers
  • Gold Foil Pencil
  • Etsy Shop Goodies

Blogger Mail Notepad

The Blogger Mail Notepad is what makes the box a ‘blogger #boxoflame’ and it is probably my favourite thing in the entire box. It’s basically a pad where you can write down every bit of mail you’re expecting, where it’s coming from etc. I always forget what I have coming and sometimes miss out on opportunities because I don’t chase, so this is absolutely perfect to keep me on top of it.

To top it off, the design is beaut isn’t it? 

A5 Wire Notebook

I love That Lame Company notebooks as you can tell that that a lot of time and effort goes into the design. This one is a really cute pastel pattern with the words ‘Notes and Dreams Thoughts and Schemes’ written on the front. How cute is that? I think I’m going to keep this one in my bag for when inspiration hits and I have to jot down my ideas! I have a lot of them…

A5 and A6 Notepad

The That Lame Company #BoxOfLame A5 Notepad is something I had seen in the making - which was so exciting! Chloe asked me for her thoughts on what the boxes on the side should say, so I gave her a couple of ideas of what they could be. It’s so cool to see it in the flesh(?) and I can’t wait to start using it. I think this one will be coming to work with me as I don’t really have much stationery in my drawers at my new job yet.

The A6 pad is a bloggers dream as it’s marble. I remember the poll for this one on Twitter an how it came about - which is one of the things I love about That Lame Company - everyone gets to be a part of the process!

That Lame Company Prints

I thought it might be easier to group these together, lets see how that goes…

First of all, CACTUS PRINT. How cute is this? I basically want this in every form possible. Phone case, notebook, wrapping paper, pyjamas… you name it, I want these cacti on them.

My next favourites were the Rose Gold and Gold Prints. I have no idea how it’s done but these are actually AMAZING. Some of you may have seen my rant a couple of weeks ago about a certain ‘big YouTuber’ who was selling something similar and all I can say is why would you want to buy them when you can have these stunning prints for a quarter of the price?

You had me at pizza is prob my favourite of the three, but it was a tough choice.

Snail Mail and Recipe Cards

I think I can remember Chloe posting about these on her Snapchat a couple of months ago, but I’d completely forgotten about them until I saw the #Boxoflame post go live on Mojichlo.

Aren’t these the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? I almost don’t want to write on them.


I may or may not have got bored of my bullet journal (soz) and ordered a Personal Planner a few weeks ago, so these stickers have come at the right time. I’m going to cover my planner in them, so look out for an inevitable Instagram post soon.

Etsy Shops

I think I had seven Etsy shop items from six shops altogether, way more than I was expecting. They included:

    • Two amazing prints from Jemma (Dorkface) - Jemma has designed two logos for me and I absolutely love her work so I was so happy to see these in my box!
    • Paperclips from Cherry Made This - I’d never heard of this Etsy shop before but oh my god I need everything. These clips are super cute and it was a nice touch that the business card came with a little chocolate!
    • Washi Tape from Cariad Planning - this will 100% be going in my new Personal Planner.
    • Hair Tie from Emily and Angus - I love hair ties like this (I have a unhealthy collection) so I love discovering new places to buy them from.
    • Pokeball Mirror from PopCute Studios - need I say anymore? Every Pokemon fan needs this in their handbag.
    • Print from Raining Cats and Cake - Another I’d not heard of before but the print is cute!

A little on That Lame Company

I know I say this every time but I can not urge you to support That Lame Company enough. Chloe and Charlie do this around their full-time jobs and they work bloody hard.

Things are designed around work, boxes are packed late at night and posted in lunch breaks. I cannot tell you how much I admire how much work is put into every single product in these boxes.

Now go and buy a That Lame Company #BoxOfLame. DO IT.

I can’t wait until the next one -heart eye emoji-

Kirsty xx









  • Aimee Cottle October 7, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    My first ever Blogger Box of Lame arrived yesterday and I’m so pleased with it. I’m definitely going to be buying the next one, and loads more stationery from their store. It’s all so cute and pretty! I love it!

  • Tamsyn Elizabeth October 17, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    I so badly wanted to get this box but didn’t get there in time.. I knew it would be a massive success, all the contents look amazing!!

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