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Slimming World Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

July 29, 2016

Slimming World Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

July 29, 2016
Slimming World Oreo Cheesecakes
A couple of months ago I started Slimming World again (seventh time lucky eh?) and I have really been struggling to avoid desserts, especially when my boyfriend loves them so much. So, in an attempt to have my cake and eat it too, have been experimenting with making Slimming World friendly Mini Oreo Cheesecakes.


I didn’t think they’d turn out as well as they did, but oh my god they. were. amazing.


They work out at only 5.5 syns per mini cheesecake and are actually really simple to make with just THREE INGREDIENTS. 
oreo cheesecake
Makes Four Mini Cheesecakes | Prep 10 Minutes | Syns 5.5 per Cheesecake


7 Oreos (17.5 syns)
250g Quark
9 Teaspoons Choc Shot (4.5 syns)
1. Crush five of the Oreos until they form a base mixture. I find that the cream makes it so much easier and means you don’t have to any butter to bind the biscuit crumbs. Evenly divide between four mini ramekins.


2. Mix the quark with with 3.5 teaspoons of Choc Shot, Spoon the mixture on top of the Oreo base.


3. For the topping crush the two remaining Oreos and sprinkle on top of the cheesecake mixture. Drixxle a teaspoon of Choc Shot over each.


4. Leave to set in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
However if you’re dying to eat them you really don’t have to do this…
I’m definitely going to be making these again, one was filling enough and really felt like I was having a treat. Look out for some more cheesecake experiments coming soon, I think I’ve started something..


Do yo have any Slimming World Cheesecake recipes I should try?

Lots of love,

Kirsty Leanne
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  • Hannah Williams July 29, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Wow, what a treat. I have to make these for my sister, she loves Oreos! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  • Gemela JtP July 29, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    This looks so good!

  • Rachel @ Coffee, Cake, Kids July 29, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    These look really nice. I'm not doing Slimming World at the moment, but I do use a lot of the recipes. Can literally have cake and eat it!

  • Rebecc August 6, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    These look so yummy! Great post!

    Rebecca x


  • Tamsyn Elizabeth August 7, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    I forgot to comment but I made these two days ago and they were amazingggg!
    I haven’t joined SW yet, I’m definitely thinking about it though.

    Choc shot is my favourite alternative to sugar filled chocolate when baking. YUM!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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