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Showing my Support for the Smaller Artists

August 29, 2016

Showing my Support for the Smaller Artists

August 29, 2016

Earlier this week Tanya Burr launched her latest product, two very well designed A3 prints with cute motivational quotes on. Despite having her name in the bottom corner they’re actually quite nice, so as someone who loves prints, I decided to see how much they were and if they were worth buying…

I was shocked to see that to buy both of them (with shipping) it’s just over £33.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE supporting bloggers no matter what the size of their following is, and I have various products from bigger bloggers like Tanya Burr and Zoella, but £33 for TWO PRINTS? That’s ridiculous. t

There are a lot of people giving her grief right now because the quotes aren’t hers, but she’s stuck her name on them. To be honest with you, I don’t really care about that as it’s common in the print industry…

The thing that bothers me here is the amount of money she will make from these products, especially as they are going to be mass produced and she will probably have very little to do with the process from here on out. THOUSANDS of teenagers, Tanya Burr fans and bloggers alike will buy these, not thinking twice about the profit she’ll be getting.

Meanwhile, smaller artists (etsy shops, small business owners and independant artists) work hard to hand make every single on of their designs.

Take That Lame Company for example. You can see how much hard work Chloe puts into every single item she sells, with every single foil print being hand made when she gets home from her 9-5 job. We get to see her whole design process through both Twitter and Snapchat and it’s so obvious that she cares about every single thing she sends out to her customers.

She designs, makes, advertises and posts every single one of her products.

If you compare this to Tanya Burr, I can’t really imagining her sitting there hand making thousands of these prints, yet she’s getting on average £10 more per print and 1000’s more orders.

Jemma (Dorkface) is another independant artist that I absolutely adore as she does custom drawings, some of which can take her hours to create! She charges a very affordable price for these custom pieces of artwork, even though it definitely works out at less than minimum wage for her.

What I think I am trying to get at here is - if everyone supported the smaller artists as much as they support their favourite blogger/vlogger - then they’d be helping out some incredible people. The sheer amount of hard work and dedication that goes into their products is inspirational, and I’d love for them to one day being selling 1000’s of prints at much less than £15 a go! 

I’m not doubting that Tanya put a lot of hardwork into what she has managed to create today, I just wish smaller artists would get the same recognition, if not more. 

Lots of love,

Kirsty Leanne

  • Emily Underworld August 29, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    I definitely agree that we should be supporting smaller artists! I love That Lame Company, I have a few things from them, and I’ve been meaning to buy from Jemma too.
    - Emily from http://www.emilyunderworld.co.uk

  • Olivia McHale August 31, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    We should 100% be supporting from smaller artists! Whilst I’m not an avid watcher of Tanya’s, I respect her work and the things she stands for, but £33 for two prints is ridiculous. I absolutely love the work that Kelly does, and I’m currently lusting over a bunch of things from Lazy Pencil Co.</a They're both definitely worth a look!

    Olivia, from The Northernist


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