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Christmas Gift for a Chocolate Lover | Planète Chocolat | Blogmas #6 |

December 6, 2016

Christmas Gift for a Chocolate Lover | Planète Chocolat | Blogmas #6 |

December 6, 2016

Last Month I was sent a box of gorgeous Planète Chocolat chocolates. As a huge lover of belgian chocolate (I have expensive taste) I knew I was going to love them instantly, but I wasn’t aware of how much..


Planète Chocolat

The box I received was the Christmas Box of Chocolates, priced at €44.90 for 24 pieces. It’s a little on the pricey side, but can you really deny a chocolate lover the finest at Christmas? 😉

I was really impressed with delivery as I received them next day and after what seemed like the LONGEST photo session ever I was started taste testing. I obviously didn’t try them all myself and the next day I took them to work for people to try and give me thier opinions.

planete chocolate

The chocolates themselves were really varied, with 18 different flavours all together. They were quite difficult to tell which was which at first as the patterns are really intricate, then I realised that they are the same order in the box as they are on the card, which made it TEN TIMES easier.

My Planète Chocolat gift box was definitely a hit at the office, with people saying thier favourites were the coffee, cinnamon, almond and coffee and orange. My favourites included honey. caramel, truffle and puffed rice. The best had to be the Grand Marnier and mint though, they were GORGEOUS. I may have already search the website to see if I can order a whole box of these on their own…

One thing I noticed with this box of chocolates is that you can really tell the difference between expensive chocolates and cheap chocolates. The flavour isn’t as creamy and is a lot more rich, which has given me a new found love for dark chocolate.

What are you favourite chocolates?

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