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Odyssey Telford Review & Launch | Blogmas #5 |

December 5, 2016

Odyssey Telford Review & Launch | Blogmas #5 |

December 5, 2016

Last week I was invited to the soft launch of the new greek resturant, Odyssey Telford. I had high hopes as Telford isn’t really known for it’s range of cuisine, so something new was definitely a welcome change.

odyssey telford

I took my sister ( a lover of Greece and their food) and as soon as we walked in she said how authentic it looked, minus the DJ booth and bar from when it used to be a nightclub. Other than that I was really impressed with the decor, it made me feel as though I was sitting in Santorini (I wish).

We were one of the first lots of people to arrive and as we were only a table of two we were first to receive our drinks and our food. Our waitress was lovely, although clearly nervous as it was opening night. She didn’t have a great knowledge of the wines, but I guess that is expected at an opening.

I’ve never had Greek food before so when I was told it was going to be a Meze (£17.95) I had to ask my sister what that was. Apparently it’s a selection of hot and cold dishes, served over a number of different courses. She sold it to me as ‘the food just doesn’t stop coming’ – amazing!

greek telford

The first course (?) of our Meze arrived pretty quickly which included tzatziki, hummus, some kind of bean salad, greek salad and pita bread. It would be A LOT easier to tell you what the dishes were but unfortuantely there was no menu in the resturant or any information on their website detailing what the dishes are, so I am trying to google the names of what the dishes are.

The lack of menu may be because it was a soft launch as I have done some digging and found out there is going to be an a la carte menu as well as the Meze.

greek salad

odyssey greek telford

The Tzatziki dip was probably my favourite part of our first course. I was expecting it be be too over powering (like riata) however when mixed with pita bread it was perfect. I also liked the bean salad/dip and ended up eating most of that before my sister got a chance to try it.

Minutes after receiving our first course (we hadn’t even finished photographing them) our starters (?) arrived. This included hallumi cheese on top of a pork meddalion, shrimp and some battered crab claws. The hallumi and pork were okay and I didn’t try the fish as I am not a seafood eater, however, after working in a seafood resturant I think they looked as though they would be pretty good.

We then had a half an hour wait until our mains arrived. I think it may have been because were the first ones served but I found that was way too long to wait between courses. I also understand it may be down to the fact it was a soft launch and the first time every thing was running to a schedule, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt 😉


Our third and fourth course arrived at the same time, I think. It was stuffed grape leaves, chicken, potatoes and veg, sausages, pork skewers and a beef dish. The portions were decent sized for two considering there were quite a few dishes to choose from for these courses, however they were quite watery so a lot of it stayed in the bowls.

All of the meat was again okay but I didn’t really feel as though there was much flavour to them. Again, this could all be down to the fact it was opening night and everyone was feeling under pressure. Once we finished these courses our waitress came over and told us how to pay for our drinks, which I felt was quite an abrupt end to the meal. My sister said she felt there should have been more courses, but this could be because we received them in two lots rather four (I think).

As we were first out we didn’t have the time to wait for the evenings entertainment of Greek dancing and plate smashing, however we did get to see the live muscians play. I thought this was a lovely touch to the evening and they really added to the autheticity of the whole experience.

Overall I would say that it’s worth a visit for the Greek experience, especially on one of their entertainment nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). It’s something new and different to Telford and I think it was a good overall experience and would be a nice night out.

I think after a couple of weeks being open they’ll be able to iron out the kinks, so I may go back to see if I enjoy the food a little more the second time around. If I do go back I would definitely be interested in trying their a la carte menu instead!

Have you visited Odyssey yet? What did you think?

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