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Lifestyle: 2015 in Review

December 29, 2015

Lifestyle: 2015 in Review

December 29, 2015

As New Year’s Eve is approaching fast I thought I would do a post showing what I have got up to 2015 and my highlights of the year. Warning, this will be a very long, picture-filled post…

I got a new job | 28th January
At the end of December 2014 I left my Job as a supervisor in a restaurant as I felt I wasn’t being treated fair. I spent pretty much the whole of January looking for a job in Marketing, as it is what I studied at University, and at the end of the month I was offered a job as a Marketing Assistant for a supplier to the events industry. It wasn’t perfect at first, but since then I have been promoted so I am managing two people and the company’s three websites.
I moved out of my parents and into my first flat with my Boyfriend | 6th March
After University I found it hard to find a job in London, so I moved back home to live with my parents. After getting my new job, my first month’s wages were enough for me to put a deposit down on a flat, so me and my Boyfriend moved out of my parents and into our first home together (without other students…).
I met my blogging bestie, Adele, for the first time | 11th April
One of my favourite things about blogging is meeting new people and after talking to Adele for months on Twitter, we arranged a meet-up in London. We knew we were going to Centerparcs together in June, however we wanted to meet beforehand, and it was one of my favourite days of 2015! It was so nice to finally meet Adele and since then we have not stopped talking – except for when we’re sleeping or at work.
I organised my first ever blogging event | 2nd May
When I first started blogging I tried to find as many bloggers in the Shropshire area as I could and after getting to know them better through Twitter and Facebook, I decided I would organise a meet-up for everyone so we could get to know each other a lot better. My love for events soon took over and it became much bigger than I imagine, with 25 bloggers on the guest list and brands kindly donating to goody bags! Adele even drove down from Kingston to help me, how sweet!


I spent a weekend at Longleat Forest Centerparcs with some lovely bloggers | 12th June
I had no idea that 2015 would see me spending a four day weekend with 12 bloggers in a forest, but I am so glad that I did. I met some amazing people while there, some of which I now call my friends. The weekend was filled with lots of movies, swimming, food and drinking. Perfect!
I got my kitten, Dexter | 27th June
I was on my way home from an event in town with my parents, when they mentioned their friends were giving away kittens free to a good home. I’d wanted a little friend for as long as I can remember, so I couldn’t resist. A week later, they were dropping off little Dexter at my house. He’s probably one of my favourite things about this year, and I can’t imagine my life without the little terror.
I got my third tattoo | 17th August
Well, fourth. Sort of. I decided that over summer I wanted to get one of my old, horrible tattoos covered up, so… I did! Me and Mum both went as she had one of hers finished and another one done at the same time. I’m totally in love with my new tattoo, can’t wait for the next.
I moved, again | 27th August
With the addition of Dexter and a whole lot of stuff, my one bedroom flat didn’t seem big enough anymore and as my 6 month contract was running out – we decided to move somewhere bigger. At the end of August me, my boyfriend and Dex all moved into a lovely two bedroomed house a couple of minutes away from my last flat! I love my new place, so hopefully we can stay put here until we have saved up enough for a deposit to become homeowners!
I attended #BloggersFestival | 5th September
I have attended quite a few different events across the year, but one that really stood out to me was #BloggersFestival hosted by Scarlett London. I got to meet so many different brands and loads of my favourite bloggers, including Kayleigh and Chloe. Travelling to London for the day was exhausting, but I am so glad I did. I’ll definitely be attending more of Scarlett’s events in the future.
Me and Adele launched Pretty Lovely Bloggers and hosted our first Event | 19th September
The success of the Shropshire Blogger Meet back in May encouraged both me and Adele to start organising more events across the country as we found a lot of them are in places people can’t get to all the time, like London. With this idea, Pretty Lovely Bloggers were formed and our events started! The West Midlands Blogger Meet was absolutely amazing and I loved every second of hosting it with Adele 🙂
Pretty Lovely Bloggers hosted the South West Blogger Meet, Bristol | 10th October
Our second Pretty Lovely Bloggers event was not long after the first, and it went just as well. I travelled down to Bristol to meet Adele and start setting up at the cosy club in Bristol, ready for the South West bloggers to arrive. It was such a cute and cosy event, with some of my favourite people.


I stayed at Double House Farm with some of my best blogging friends | 6th November
As part of Pretty Lovely Bloggers we organised a blogger trip to Somerset, where six of us stayed in a gorgeous cottage. The weekend was the most relaxing weekend I have had this year, as most of it was spent baking, watching films and taking pretty blog pictures. This was hands down one of my favourite things about the year, and I hope 2016 will see some similar things! Find out what we got up to here, and what the cottage was like here.
We hosted the #PLBSantasGrotto event | 28th November
To help everyone get in the festive spirit, we hosted our last event of the year in the run up to Christmas. We had Christmas music playing, decorations up and a festive blog photo workshop for everyone to take part it. The atmosphere was amazing and it was a great end to the year for Pretty Lovely Bloggers!
  • Jenny K December 29, 2015 at 11:43 am

    You've really packed a lot into this year! I hope you've had time to rest over Christmas, and I hope you have a lot more fun to come in 2016!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Charlotte Gransden December 30, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    What a year it has been for you!! That picture of you and Adele when you first met is gorgeous!!

  • Charlee Greenhalgh January 3, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Aw I really loved reading this post beaut, and I love that pic of you and Adele! Sounds like it has been such a year, and so glad to have met you!! 🙂

  • Kirsty C January 5, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Awww thank you! It was such a good year, can't believe everything that happened 🙂 xx


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