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Life Lately: Freelancing, Travel Plans and What’s in Store for My Blog

March 20, 2018

Life Lately: Freelancing, Travel Plans and What’s in Store for My Blog

March 20, 2018

I love doing little life updates on my blog as not only does it give me a chance to update you on all the behind the scenes things – if that’s your kinda thing – but it gives me the chance to get all my thoughts and plans down in one place.

I don’t really know why but writing everything down makes me feel so much more organised. 

The last three months since my last update have been an absolute whirlwind. So much has happened, I’ve been on some incredible trips (Wroclaw, Cologne and Austria) and I have been navigating my first three months as a Full Time Blogger and Freelancer.

Navigating Life as a Freelancer

My first three months working for myself have definitely been a learning curve. My routine seems to have fallen into a ‘I work better in the evenings’ and things are going much better than I had ever imagined possible for so early on. I am kind of hoping things continue in this same way and with all of my upcoming plans falling into place, it’s looking hopeful…. 

At the moment I working with a few regular clients and then filling the other time I have with sponsored posts, campaigns and one off bits of work for additional clients. The aim for the next few months is to double my regular clients so I can be sure I am getting a set amount each month, as well as still working on blogging campaigns and sponsored posts.

Here’s to the next three months.

Future Office Plans and Moving House

Part of my freelance life has meant making a space I love working in. My office is SLOWLY getting there but as we are planning to move in July due to issues with our Estate Agents, I have decided I am not fully going to redecorate until we have moved into a new place.

For now, I have a space I still love to work from and I can still browse Pinterest for all the office inspo.

My current space has walls that are covered in prints and postcards from my travels, I have shelves with souvenirs from countries I have visited and my Disney and Harry Potter merchandise lives in pride of place on my book shelves. It’s small, cosy and somewhere I love spending most of my time.

When we move I plan to keep the same theme, however I want walls that are white rather than the dreaded rented-house-magnolia, I’d like to get a new office chair and I would really love to get a big corner desk so I have much more space. I’ve been eyeing up these ones from Lionshome and think I am in love, roll on moving day! 


Upcoming Travels 

Surprisingly, I don’t actually have many future plans in place when it comes to travelling. I’m hoping that I can change this over the next few weeks as I have been pitching some awesome ideas to brands that are slowly coming to fruition, but nothing I can reveal just yet. 

Next month I am going to Bali with Ashton and Tamzin and as I have been saving for the trip, pretty much everything else has been put on hold until I’m back.

I could not be more excited (as you will probably be able to tell by the fact I am mentioning it on every social media at every chance possible #sorrynotsorry). I’ve already started on the Bali content, including our Hotel itinerary, but you can expect a lot more of it to come over the next few months. I CAN’T WAIT. 

When I get back from Bali it’s a couple of weeks until I jet off again, this time to Rotterdam for Traverse 18.

Not only will I be attending the conference, but I’m also going to be hosting a Mini Session while I am there. I am SUPER nervous as I don’t think I know anyone going that can give me the moral support I need beforehand, but as it will be my third time doing something like this, I’m hoping I’ll be a little less nervous.

After that I don’t have anything else booked until my Trek America next year and it may be a little too *early* to start talking about that I think. There are plans in place for a couple of trips, one with my boyfriends family and one with just my boyfriend.

What can you expect on Kirsty Leanne? 

Obviously my blog is a travel blog, however I have started branching out into plus size fashion over the past few months. I’m still in the process of working out how I can fit this into my blog and how it can find it’s place in my brand, but this is something you can expect to see a lot of on my Instagram and Twitter in particular.

I don’t want to lose the overall theme of my blog so I don’t think specifically fashion posts are going to be the way forward, instead maybe my experiences while travelling and being plus size (like my recent post), so hints and tips of what I have found helps etc.

Who knows? It’s all still very up in the air. 

One thing I know I will be doing with my blog, however, is posting more about specific experiences. I first started doing this when I went to Croatia and I wrote about climbing Marjan Hill and visiting Klis Fortress and it’s something I absolutely loved.

I LOVE writing my guides and diary style posts and definitely won’t be stopping doing them, but I am also going to be throwing in photo diaries from certain attractions/cities, restaurant reviews from places I *really* loved and posts about places I visited and absolutely fell in love with – even if it was a small museum I only spent an hour in. I want to share it with you!

I’ve got loads of exciting content coming up that I can’t wait to start writing, even if some of it is about trips I took months ago, ooops…

These things always turn into a mini essay it amazes me I ever struggled to write a 2,000 word essay at Uni.

Kirsty Leanne


Photo credit: Ashton Gibbs



  • Aimee March 20, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    It’s surprising how quickly the number of words add up when you’re writing for pleasure 😉 I’m really pleased to hear things are going so well for you in your new freelancing venture. I hope it continues. Good luck with the move. And happy travels!


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