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The Drinks you Need to Try | Lesser Known Drinks Brands

November 5, 2016

The Drinks you Need to Try | Lesser Known Drinks Brands

November 5, 2016

I always love discovering lesser known drinks brands, so much so I thought I’d share some of my favourite recent discoveries with you.

Lesser known drinks brands

Where do I find Lesser Known Drinks Brands?

Most of these are from the recent #BloggerHalloweenParty event goody bag, however, there’s one very welcome addition that I was sent earlier this week.

Other than that I usually find a lot of them on Twitter or at events like the BBC Good Food Show.


Juicy Fuel Cola

When I first saw Juicy Fuel Cola* on Twitter I knew I had to find out more, so I got to stalking on the internet. Juicy Fuel Cola are part of The Juice Shed Company, who sell cola that contains no added sugar, no preservatives and no e numbers. Instead, it’s made from fruit juice, cola nut oil, grape juice and lemon juice.

Having been told countless amounts of time the Coke is bad for me I couldn’t wait to try a healthy alternative. 

So, when I got in touch the team over at The Juice Shed sent me enough cans for the #BloggerHalloweenParty, then some extras for me to try myself. As soon as they arrived I tried the Cherry Cola first and oh my, it was delicious! It didn’t take long for me to finish them all at all.

With both the Cherry Cola and the regular Cola it was so refreshing to be able to drink something that tasted so good, but you knew was much better for you than the real thing – they’re actually one of your five a day. They didn’t taste exactly like Coke, but I think that’s what I liked best because you didn’t get that horrible after taste.

Their website is currently undergoing a huge revamp, however, I have seen them mention on Twitter they will be popping up in familiar places soon – fingers crossed it’s Tesco! (If not we need to make this happen).

dragonfly tea

Dragonfly Tea

These stunning boxes of tea arrived earlier this week and as huge fan of fruit and mint teas (not together ofc) I knew they’d be something I would love.

They are part of the Artisian Tea House Collection from Dragonfly Tea*, which included 10 new flavours that were released to celebrate 15 years of tea! Flavours include Earl Grey Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, Eastern Beauty Oolong, Jade Orchid Green Tea and Bai Mudan White Tea.

As I was asked to try two of the flavours I went for Lemongrass and Ginger Infusion and Garden Mint and Verbena Infusion.

What I like about these teas is that they are in the silky pyramid bags that posh teas come in, so you can see all the different herbs inside. They smell and taste divine, a new winter warmer favourite mmmm.


Virtue Drinks

Until the #BloggerHalloweenParty I thought Virtue Drinks* only made cans of Iced Tea, however Ashton contacted them and they sent us some of their Sparkling Energy Waters for the goody bags.

Although I wouldn’t consider Virtue as one of the lesser known drinks brands as the others, the fact I’d never seen these before made me think to include them.

These Sparkling Energy Waters have zero sugar, zero calories and no sweeteners, which you might think means it compromises on the flavour, however, I quite like the hint of berries and lemon in each drink. As they’ve got natural energy in them there is a high caffeine content, however, it’s still much better for you than a can of Red Bull!

Twisted Halo Drinks

Twisted Halo

I actually not a fan of coconut water but when it’s mixed with vodka I LOVE it. These Twisted Halo* drinks are made with coconut water and ginger, muddled with vodka. Does anyone else love the word muddled? No, just me?

These are kind of like WKD, but with a healthy twist. They’re only 90 calories and don’t contain all the horrible colours and additives that an alcopop would, so if you’re looking to have a drink and not go wild I’d suggest giving them a go!

Do you have any favourite lesser known drinks brands?

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  • Nat November 7, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Ooo the cola sounds amazing! I’ll have to keep my eye out for these as I really want to try the cherry one. ^_^



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