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Is the Wroclaw Tourist Card Worth it?

March 22, 2018

Is the Wroclaw Tourist Card Worth it?

March 22, 2018

Wroclaw Tourist Card

Okay okay, I’m sorry, I’m writing ANOTHER Wroclaw post…

I don’t know if they’ll ever stop, but this is actually my last one for a while *sob* or, at least until I go again.

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While on my third visit to my favourite place in the world (except maybe California) I worked with Visit Wroclaw on an Instagram takeover. As part of this I was given a Wroclaw Tourist Card.

The Wroclaw Tourist Card allows you to enjoy the city at a much lower price using their ‘points’ system. By spending your points at some of the most popular sights in Wroclaw you can get:

  • tickets to cultural and entertainment facilities at a lower price
  • discounts for transport services (including free travel on the buses and trams for the duration of your card activation)
  • discounts in restaurants and hotels

Wroclaw Tourist Card Cost

There are two types of card available to purchase – the 48 Hour / 30 Points (60pln) card and the 72 Hour / 45 points (90pln) card.

These come to around £12 – £19 depending on which you buy, so if you’re looking to do some serious sight-seeing while you’re there they are 100% worth looking into depending on where you plan to visit.

If you’re using one card between two people, you can also purchase an extra transport card from 6pln per person.

Where can you go with the Wroclaw Tourist Card?

There are SO MANY different places you can visit with the card, each costing you a different amount of points.

I think the best way to do it is work out which places you definitely want to visit and how many points it will cost, then see what you have enough leftover points to do. Also, definitely double check the place you want to visit is in the guide and map you receive, as not all attractions are included.

I thought I’d include a couple of my favourites so you can see the kinds of places you can visit using the card, as well as the savings you can make.

? Museum of the University of Wroclaw 5 points

? Museum of Architecture 2 points

? Natural Science Museum 4 points

? Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice 14 points

? Centennial Hall Cognitive Centre 4 points 

You’d be able to do all of the above on a 72 hour card and still have 16 points less, all for less than £20!

You can also get some incredible discounts at some of my favourite restaurants including Nanan.

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Where to Buy

There are a number of different places to buy your Wroclaw Tourist Card, all of which are tourist information centres.

  • ℹ️ Tourist Information at Wroclaw Airport
  • ℹ️ Tourist Information at WroclawInfo Souvenirs
  • ℹ️ Tourist Information at the Wroclaw Main Railway Station

  • ℹ️ Tourist Information at Wroclaw Zoo

So, do I think it’s worth it? 

100% YES. 

You can save up to 65pln with the 72 Hour card (the one I had) and although it may not seem like a lot, when it comes to prices in Poland that’s pretty damn good and covers at least the cost of two cocktails.

Not only can you save money but it also gives you inspiration of where to visit, as there are a lot of places on the list I probably wouldn’t have thought about if it wasn’t for the card. You also get a really handy map that helps you pinpoint exactly where everything is.

I also think the discounts are great as it all adds up when you’re travelling, right? 

Basically, if you’re visiting Wroclaw grab one even if it’s just for your travel around. If you’re going to use the buses and trams a few times then you’ve already got your money’s worth. 

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