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How To Pick Yourself Up After Heartbreak

February 14, 2020

We have all experienced some type of heartbreak in our lives; whether it’s related to our relationship or another type of pain, we can all relate to the feeling of isolation. If you have suffered some type of break up or divorce, you have probably spent a lot of time looking at all the paperwork related to leaving your partner, working with divorce solicitors and learning to be alone again. 

Go On A Trip

Immersing yourself in travel is so important and will allow you to feel as if you’re exploring the world again and feeling as if you’re able to tackle new adventures and navigate the world again. Plan a trip that will make you feel alive again. Take some time to be with your friends or go solo and see where the travel may take you. Perhaps you can learn to feel that you are OK and that things aren’t as bad as they may seem; travel is great for mental health and helps you to realise that there is a huge world out there which is far beyond your little bubble and the town you live in. 

Stay off social media for a little while 

There is a reason that you should avoid contact with your ex and the social world after a breakup. This doesn’t mean cutting your friends off, quite the contrary but it means that you should not start to look up old photos online, or see what they may be doing in the weeks after your break up.  It is an incredibly powerful tool. But no-contact means you need to cut all ties, not just seeing your ex in person. You can block or hide your ex on social media platforms which may make the process much easier and you could also inform them that you’ll be offline so it can help them too to not stalk your profile to see what you’re doing. 

Get a sense of closure

After a break up, you will constantly question yourself and wonder, “What went wrong?”  or “Why did this happen? Why me?” this can torment you and hold you back in your recovery. It is wise to learn to accept why it happened and make lists of what did go wrong to help you process this easier. Closure is key but you need to accept and understand why before you can move on. Give yourself a reason but be easy on yourself, you are able to get through this and you are worthy and deserve to move on. There are always reasons as to why the relationship ended whether it’s the fact you disagreed on too many things, or you wanted to move forward and they didn’t or if you felt they didn’t have your best interests at heart. 

You are worthy and allow yourself the time. It won’t feel easier after a month or even two, a little like grief, it takes time and it takes therapy and kindness towards yourself so be sure to remember that. 


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