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How To Make The Most Of Your 100ml Flight Allowance With Travel Minis | Travel

July 22, 2019

How To Make The Most Of Your 100ml Flight Allowance With Travel Minis | Travel

July 22, 2019

This post is in collaboration with Cosmetify.com. 

One of the most difficult things about travelling with a carry on suitcase is that you have to be really frugal when it comes to liquids. With only 10 x 100ml allowed in one case, prioritising what I really need to take with me on each trip is important. Although I wish I could take all of my travel favourites with me, utilising travel minis is the only way I can be sure I won’t get stopped at security. 

Why Should You Be Using Travel Minis?

They Comply With The 100ml Airline Guidance For Hand Luggage – The best thing about travel minis is that they comply with the 100ml rule when it comes to hand-luggage. Although I wish I could take full-sized products, most of the things I would normally buy are available in travel size.

They’re Affordable – Depending on what you buy, travel minis can be incredibly affordable. In fact, most times I am able to find them on a 3 for 2 offer.

You Have Minimal Wastage – Finally, having just the right amount of product means that you have minimal wastage when it comes to toiletries. When travelling with full-sized products I often find that I leave things behind because I don’t want them to take up space in my overpacked suitcase. I swap my toiletries for souvenirs and leave everything in my hotel or Airbnb for the next guest to use. With travel minis, I usually run out just as I am about to come home.

Top Tips For Packing Travel Minis In Your Carry On Case

Choose Wisely – With only a small allowance of 100ml products, you need to ensure you’re choosing what you take with you wisely. To buy travel minis, you can visit Cosmetify here. Cosmetify showcase thousands of different cosmetic products across makeup, skincare, fragrance and more from both luxury and trending brands. They have some of the best prices online and with such a huge selection to choose from, you’re bound to find what it is you’re looking for.

Decant Your Favourites Into 100ml Containers – If you have full-sized products that you want to take with you but they’re over the 100ml limit, why not decant them into 100ml containers? That way you’re taking just enough to last you on your trip.

Buy Your Essentials There – If you’re short on space, buying the essentials when you’re there may be a much better option. Whether it’s shampoo and conditioner or deodorant and hairspray, you will find pretty much everything you need in a local supermarket.

Buy A Clear Makeup Bag For Security – If you want to save taking all of your liquids out and putting them into a separate bag, buying a clear makeup bag is a great way to speed through security. Although there may be some airports that don’t accept them, 90% of the time you will find you don’t have an issue. 

My Travel Mini Essentials

Hydrating Moisturiser – I love to have a hydrating moisturiser with me for both warm countries and long plane journeys!

Foundation – Foundation is essential and although I don’t wear makeup every day of my travels, I do like to slap a little on if I’m going somewhere special.

Perfume Minis – I can’t travel anywhere without my perfume minis, so you can be sure these are always in my travel bag!

Deodorant – I don’t think this one needs any explanation, really.

Shower Gel – Again, this is pretty self-explanatory.

Dry Shampoo – If I’m travelling to a warm country I like to take a mini spray can of dry shampoo with me as my hair gets greasier much faster than it would normally. The smallest size is perfect for topping up my roots and my fringe.

Shampoo – Depending on the length of the trip, I’ll sometimes take a small shampoo bottle with me to last me!

Conditioner – Again, the same goes for my conditioner. It all depends on the length of the trip!

Toothpaste – If I’ve run out of Lush toothpaste drops, I’ll take a small travel toothpaste with me.

Suntan Lotion – As I’m naturally ginger and fair-skinned, suntan lotion is an essential for pretty much any trip I go on!

Do you love travel minis? Which ones are on your essential list? Let me know in the comments! 


  • Jess July 22, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    One of my top tips is to use multi-tasking products so you can save space! I always take things like stains that do for both lips and blush etc!

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