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2017 Homeware Trends: Predictions and Inspiration

January 16, 2017

2017 Homeware Trends: Predictions and Inspiration

January 16, 2017

From nature-inspired decor to oversized chandeliers, 2017 is set to bring a whole new wave of interior design trends to the table, accompanied by the return of some classics. As one of my main priorities this year is to decorate the place I am renting (we’re planning on staying for as long as we can while we save) I have been looking everywhere for inspiration. So after days and days of research, here’s just a snippet of what I think you can expect to see grace the homes, offices and just about any other building with an ounce of style around the world next year.

The Internet of Things

I WISH this was something I would be able to have in my own house, but every year we come closer and closer to this realisation that wirelessly controlled lighting has the potential to be all the rage. Whether you’re throwing a huge party or having an intimate cheese and wine party (my favourite) whatever the occasion, it’s the perfect addition to a multifunctional room and has the ability to set the mood.

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Nature-inspired Design

The great outdoors is heading inside for 2017 as nature themed décor takes the spotlight in the home. Whether it’s a lampshade shaped like a pine cone, or a living room wall decorated with the flutter of colourful butterflies, these natural accents will keep your home on point next year.

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Oversized Fixtures  

Nothing says bold like bringing in a chandelier the size of a small family car to drape from the ceiling above you (again, I WISH). Okay, perhaps that’s a little excessive, but large lighting fixtures do work especially well in large, open spaces like hallways and entrances. I think there will definitely be a lot more of this in commercial lighting projects and in homes with a little extra room.

Fold-away Furniture

This is one to grace the list with some real purpose. As cities become more populated and the spaces we live in seem to shrink, creating that all important extra space is a pretty big deal. Fold-away multifunctional furniture will be at the forefront of interior trends throughout 2017, with desks that become beds and beds that become wardrobes becoming a standard in homes found in many big cities. Please remind me why I want to move back to London?

Upholstered Headboards Are Back

If you thought you’d left your soft, cushion-like headboard firmly in the 90s, then you’re in for a treat. Dust it off, because it’s back. The wooden frames that are currently all the rage are set to make way for a little glamour in our lives in the form of neutral colours, buttons and velvety textures on which we can rest our heads at night. I’ve been in the market for one for a while for when I eventually redecorate my bedroom, but I can’t help but eye up this beauty.

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All throughout 2016, pastel colours were making a welcomed return to homes worldwide, and for 2017, their popularity is predicted to skyrocket further. Natural shades are subtle and create feelings of calm, and if 2016 is anything to go by, we probably all need a few more calming vibes in our lives. I’m halfway through decorating my office and the theme is white and pastels. It looks so good already, I can’t wait to show you the finished result!

Green and Terracotta Are the Colours

Last but not least, dark shades of green and warming shades of terracotta are set to make a return to the palettes of DIY fanatics next year. Terracotta was once seen as the colour of the homeowner with no idea how to decorate, simply opting for a safe shade. These days, it brings far more than that to the party and looks stunning if you know how to pull it off. If you’re going green, the key will be to stay dark to bring a sense of decadence.

What homeware trends will you be following in 2017?

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