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Find exactly what you need with Bidvine

November 15, 2016

Find exactly what you need with Bidvine

November 15, 2016

Have you ever posted a Tweet or a Facebook post asking someone for help and no one responds? Whenever I do it I either get an influx of people who don’t know how to help but want to, or I don’t get any response at all. Well, that was until recently when Bidvine asked me if I wanted to try out their website.

Find exactly what you need with Bidvine

bidvineBidvine is an easy way to find and hire local professionals including plumbers, cleaners, photographers, personal trainers, a man with a van and music teachers. As I am looking to start shooting some more outfit posts over the next few months and my self timer just isn’t cutting it, I decided to search for a photographer that would come to me.

Getting started

All you have to do to start getting your quotes in is answer a few simple questions, all of which are designed to help ensure you get the best possible matches. I have used sites similar to this for both professional and personal use and I have found that the initial questions don’t ask you enough so you end up getting lots of useless quotes that fill up your inbox, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the level of detail they went in without actually taking up too much of your time. In fact, the whole sign up process only took around five minutes in total.

After I had sent my request off into cyberspace (do people still say that?) it wasn’t long before I received my first quote via both email and text. The great thing about the service-specific questions at the beginning of the sign up process is that your quote only gets send to the relevant people so already with my first quote I was thinking “this is someone I would hire”. It wasn’t long after that I received my second, and final, quote for my photography job.

Receiving your quotes

The two quotes I received from Bidvine were absolutely perfect for what I was looking and an affordable price too (it may have helped that I set my budget). The quotes were detailed and it was easy to see the differences between my two options, as I was directed to their websites so I could see their previous work. I much preferred having less quotes to choose from as it meant I knew I was getting exactly what I need. Before making the final decision you’re able to chat with the people who sent quotes to ensure you are getting exactly what you’re looking for. I thought this was great as sometimes it’s easy for wires to get cross when using the internet to book something.

I think Bidvine is great for those who are looking to find a professional in their local area with out all the fuss of other outsourcing websites. It’s simple and easy to use and the results are amazing. It covers the whole of England and has a total of 600 services, so if you need a pet sitter, event catering or a software developer they’ve got you covered. You can even hire a Reiki healer for those days when you’re feeling super stressed. 

What would you hire on Bidvine?

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