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Falling in Love with my Blog Again

March 3, 2017

Falling in Love with my Blog Again

March 3, 2017

Me and my blog have definitely had a bit of a rocky relationship.

When I first started two years ago, it was something to fill out my days and keep me occupied while I was still unemployed. I wrote about beauty mainly and didn’t really realise that there was a whole monetisation aspect to what has now turned out to be way more than a hobby.

I did enjoy blogging when I first started as it was something new and exciting. I’d had blogged previously but they were more functional and educational than they were personable, so it was great to enter the world of lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that people shared their posts on Twitter and I started to follow everyone that had content I loved, joining in with every chat possible.

That was when I started to notice people talking about ‘blogger mail’ and my feed was full of reviews of gifted items. How exciting, right? I definitely wanted in on this and I am not afraid to admit that.

Blogging had allowed the people around me to live a glamorous lifestyle, one I have always dreamed of having myself. Why wouldn’t I want that for myself and for my future?

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy so I worked hard on getting myself out there for brands to see. I wrote about the brands I wanted to work with, interacted with them on Twitter and spent countless hours researching how to improve my blog so that when they did finally see it, it was something I was proud of.

I started organising blogger events in my area to help build new relationships with brands and PR’s and, to be honest, this is probably where I started to get a bit carried away.

The thrill of having parcels arrive daily for my events was incredibly exciting and I loved taking pictures of what had arrived and sending them to my family, showing them how well I was doing. Reaching out to brands was working and I started to use the skills I had learnt already to approach them for my blog personally, rather than for an event.

At first I didn’t have much confidence that it would work but after reaching out to a few brands, I soon realised that a lot of people loved the idea of working with bloggers.

I hate to admit it, but looking back at it now I think I got addicted to reaching out to brands.

By January/February time last year I was getting to the point where I was having to daily blog just to be able to feature things on my blog in the deadlines that had been sent. By March, I was struggling to keep up and I had completely fallen out of love with my blog.

By the time April rolled around I had gone to blogging because I felt I had to, to not blogging at all.

The next few months were a little rocky for me personally, so I took a step back from blogging and posted maybe 10 times in the space of three months, mainly because I felt I had to update people and still keep some sort of online presence (other than Twitter, of course).

I started a new job and with that, my confidence started to increase and I moved my blog over to WordPress ready to start again with new ideas and values.

I wasn’t going to reach out to anyone that I didn’t think was the perfect fit for my blog or something I thought would be incredibly beneficial to me or my readers.

I wasn’t going to offer unrealistic terms to brands and I was going to grow my social media, so if I wanted to work with a smaller brand, I could feature them there rather than feel like I had to dedicate a whole post to them.

I was going to work hard to improve the functionality of my blog, opening more opportunities for sponsored content.

I was going to fall back in love with my blog.

The reason I am writing this post now is because looking back at the goals I set when I relaunched back in August, I can finally say I have achieved them all.

The most important thing is that I have fallen back in love with my blog and I couldn’t be more excited about what opportunities it might bring for me in the future. I have already received some exciting emails over the last few weeks and I think it is going to be the start of something amazing.

Here’s to never losing my integrity again.

Kirsty Leanne


  • Rachelanne_bee March 9, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Love this post and I totally get you. I’ve done loads of sponsored and review work recently, and although I do love it, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities, I’m not as keen on those posts. I’ve been planned a few random posts just for me, and I’m way more excited about them.So I think April is going to be about blogging for the love of blogging and writing.

  • Aimee Cottle March 17, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Yeah, I can relate to this! When I started reaching out to brands, I got totally carried away and for most of last year, to be honest, I was just desperately playing catch up with all the products I had to review/write up on my blog. It was awful, and I really hated blogging for that reason – just for reviews. Now I’m much more choosy, and I’m writing a lot more of my own content, not sponsored or review, which I’m really enjoying! So pleased you’ve fallen back in love with your blog – that’s how it should be 😀


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