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Events: #BloggersFestival Goody Bag

September 6, 2015

Events: #BloggersFestival Goody Bag

September 6, 2015

Since I first started my blog in January this year I have had the chance to go to so many fantastic events which have definitely been one of my favourite things about blogging so far. A day of amazing brands and the coolest people all in one room, honestly, what more could you want?

Yesterday, I travelled all the way to London to go to the #BloggersFestival by Scarlett London and it hands down was one of the best events I have been to so far. The event was held at St Conrad hotel in St James (a venue that screamed ‘Instagram me! Instagram me!’) and there were twenty or so different brands that ready to meet and chat with the bloggers.a venue that screamed ‘Instagram me! Instagram me!’) and there were twenty or so different brands that ready to meet and chat with the bloggers.

Throughout the event the lovely brands were handing out goody bags (I don’t think I have ever seen so many tote bags in one place!) and at the end of the day Scarlett also walked around handing our her own goody bags to bloggers, so I ended up coming home with so many new goodies that I thought they deserved a post!

As there are so many I’m going focus on the brands I am most excited to try, otherwise I would be here until tomorrow trying to write this post and I am not sure ‘Sorry I can’t come to work, I was too busy blogging’ is a good enough reason not to go to work tomorrow…

#BloggersFestival Goody Bag



I had the chance to speak to the lovely ladies at Exuviance and it was great to talk to someone who suffers from the same sensitive skin problems as I do. As Exuviance products are tailored to individual needs they were able to give me two samples that are perfect for Sensitive skin - the Gentle Cleansing Creme and a Sheer Daily Protector. I was made to promise I would use the daily protector every day as it’s SPF 50 which will really help with my pale skin and ginger hair genes when it comes to protecting myself from the sun.

Most of you will probably know by now I am a stationary addict and when Scarlett sent an email around before the event saying the first 60 bloggers to email Toad Diaries would receive a free, personalised diary I stopped everything I was doing and emailed them straight away. The website was so easy to use but as there are so many options it took a while to decide on the perfect diary for me, but I believe I have done it! I collected it on the day and I can’t wait to start using it to plan my blog posts and scheduled tweets each day.
Small Man Media are a PR agency that primarily deals with stationary brands and as soon as I found out the stationary addict in me got excited! They handed out a goody bag to each blogger that included different products from some of the brands they work with including Swiggle, Maped and Helix. I absolutely love the Zebra notebook from Swiggle and the two sets of colouring pencils from Maped.
Jewellery Box have been a brand that has been cropping up a lot over the last few months and this is the second time that I have met Gemma in person and she is so lovely. They had the cutest stand at the event which gave a sneak preview of their new popup shop that is opening in Brixton this month. Each blogger received a little goody box each which was so beautifully wrapped I didn’t want to open it, however, I couldn’t wait and opened it there and then. I love the contents so much that I will be doing a separate post soon - watch this space!
  • Mode Media - modemediacorp.com
When Scarlett announced that event was sponsored by Mode Media I made a mental note that I wanted to go and chat with them. I know my blog is in its early stages but I really want to start monetising it and making work my way to blogging being my career. Mode Media work with bloggers of all kinds, helping them to do exactly that. The woman I spoke to was absolutely lovely and I am really looking forward to what may come of Just a Little Bit Ginger in the future!
There were so many lovely things in my #Bloggersfestival goody bag that I wish I could talk about all of them, but some other favourites from the day included Glimmer Tattoos, Bee Good, ProperCorn, Encona and Nanshy. I’ll be posting some reviews and recipes in the next few months I am sure.
Did you go to #BloggersFestival? What other events have you been too and what have been your favourite goody bag samples you’ve received? 
Kirsty Leanne
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  • Scarlett London September 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Thank you so much for writing such a lovely post (and for the kind words), I really appreciate it and it's so great to hear that you had a good time! I wish I'd spoken to Exuviance as I too have really sensitive skin and I'm forever trying out different products to try and counteract the redness/dryness it creates. Let me know how you get on with the products as I might have to invest if you find them helpful!

    Thanks again for coming along - I hope to see you at the next event! 🙂

    Scarlett xx

  • Chloe Smith September 7, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Wow you are very eager and very very organised to already get a post up about this hahaa. I am so excited to try out the sensitive skin Exuviance too 🙂
    Mojichlo xxx

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