My DREAM Office Space

Okay, I can’t be the only person that dreams of an office space that moves with them, right?

I’m talking freelance writing, travelling the world and working from cute little coffee shops with free WiFi.

That is THE ABSOLUTE DREAM for me.

I realise I say the dream a lot on my blog, but this one is actually the real deal. I promise. 

As my dream is not likely to happen anytime soon, I thought I’d have a little think about what I’d love my office space to look like if I could carry out some major office refurbishment at home. I may or may not have already started working on some of the things below, but it was hard not to after a spontaneous trip to IKEA a few weeks ago.

Dream Office Space


So, the first thing I really need to do in my office is fix the walls. At the moment it’s just lining paper that has been painted a dreaded cream colour and it looks terrible.

I want to do three walls with just plain white paper and then a very light grey or light pastel colour wall as a feature. Just to give the room a little bit of colour, as it’s quite small and plain at the moment. Once I have done the walls it goes without saying I’d probably need to change my curtains too, maybe I’ll go with a different pastel shade to shake things up a little.


I already know exactly what desk I want for my office and it is honestly the desk of dreams.

This white corner workstation would fit perfect in my small office and I can imagine that I’d be able to make it look super cute. There is even a notice board at the back for all my cute That Lame Company prints, as well plenty of shelf space for trinkets and favourite stationery.

I fell in love with it (and it’s matching drawers) on a recent IKEA trip and I’m hoping I can head back pretty soon to get it as I can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like I’m just 100% more productive when I sit at a desk, rather than working from my bed?

Bookcase & Storage Space

I am pretty sure I have been talking about getting my Billy Bookcase for MONTHS now. Again, from IKEA, this bookcase is super cheap but is exactly what I need but every time I go there I never bring one home.

There’s a little corner in my office that I know it would fit perfectly in and as all my books are now taking over the living room I am dying to move them to my office where they should be.

I’m also planning on having two shelves dedicated to two of my favourite things - one for Toy Story and another for Harry Potter. At the moment my memorabilia is just dotted around the house, so I can’t wait to have a specific space for it.

As for storage, I have one of the white cabinets from IKEA that you put pull out pop-up boxes in. This one the first thing I bought as part of the renovations and it’s already come in so handy. I have a blogging box, an eBay box and a box with all of my props in. LOVE IT.

White Sofa with Funky Cushions

There is a gap underneath my window that would be absolutely perfect for a small two seater sofa, so to match my colour scheme I thought a white one would go perfectly. Chuck on some funky pastel cushions and a throw and I think I’d have the perfect little blogging/reading nook, don’t cha think?


No office is complete without a few blogger essentials and extras.

There are so many things on my list but the things I want to get ASAP are:

  • Desk lamp  (a rose gold one ofc)
  • ALL the candles
  • House plants and succulents - if I can keep them alive longer than 10 days this time
  • Art prints and canvasses for the wall
  • A scratch off world map
  • Pretty storage boxes for everything that doesn’t already have a place (invoices etc)
  • FAIRYLIGHTS (or lairyfights as my bf would say)

My office is going to be my little project over the next few months and I really can’t wait to get it finished. What would be in your dream office space?

Kirsty Leanne


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  1. April 19, 2017 / 3:32 pm

    I’d love to even have my own office to be honest! My OH and I live in a two bed, and the spare room has been commandeered by my OH. So I blog from the living room sofa, usually! You definitely just described my dream office, too, though!