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BBC Good Food Show Winter | Blogmas #2 |

December 2, 2016

BBC Good Food Show Winter | Blogmas #2 |

December 2, 2016

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the BBC Good Food Show Winter in Birmingham, possibly one of my favourite exhibitions of the whole year (although I do prefer the London ones as they are MUCH bigger).

bbc good food show

Warning – this is going to be a very photo heavy post.

For the first time in what feels like forever I had an uneventful train journey, where the only issues were the fact it was an absolutely packed train and that the walk from the station to the Good Food Show was SO LONG.

When we got there, me and my boyfriend headed straight to the press room for a quick drink and to make a quick plan of action. I managed to get a ticket to the Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry 2.00pm showing so as it was only 9.30am we decided to have a slow wander around until then.

bbc good food show winter

One piece of advice I would give to anyone going is to go early because it is much quieter and you actually get a chance to talk to the people behind the stands. Towards 11 o ‘clock it is impossible to move and the only interaction you get is getting the price for something.

fentimans bbc good food

One of the first stands I spotted was Fentimans and after working with them on several occasions I went over for a quick chat. It was so nice to be able to put faces to names and their stand was possibily one of my favourites in terms of set-up, it looked stunning! We then made a quick detour to the alcohol stands but after deciding it was too early for shots we walked over to the far end of the hall in search of sausages – don’t ask.

We went to a couple of different stands and the lovely guys over at Debbies & Andrews gave me a press pack which included one of their festive garnish selections. PIGS IN BLANKETS AND STUFFING BALLS EVERYWHERE. I’m not gonna lie they’re in the oven right now.

We walked past the A Taste of Northern Island Stage just as they were starting a show so as our feet were hurting we decided to stop and see what was going on. We got to try a couple of different ciders and some oils from two different Irish companies and they were delicious, although the oils really were not for me. I think my favourite thing had to be the mulled cider and I’m really regretting not buying myself some to take home.

wyke good food show

Afterwards it start to get really busy so most of our time was spent waddling like penguins through the crowds of people and trying ALL the cheese. Wykes actually had a really good show offer on that I was going to go back and get but I completely forgot, absolutely gutted now as cheese is pretty much my favourite thing ever.

In the end I bought some brownies from Brownie Bar, some fudge from Orchil Fudge Pantry, a present for my Dad which I am keeping a surprise, some sausages from Heck and a whole load of Christmas sprinkles. I think I could have potentially bought a lot more but because of the crowds I couldn’t make it to a lot of the stands that I wanted too. I know it can’t be helped but it did put a downer on the whole day.

Before I left I went to the Supertheatre to Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry – one of the main reasons I was excited to visit the show. IT WAS AMAZING.

supertheatre good food show winter

Paul Hollywood good food show winter

At Last year’s Good Food Show Winter I saw just Paul Hollywood on his own and he made fun of Mary the whole time, however with her there he didn’t dare – it was so funny. The camera man made the whole thing absolutely hilarious as he was walking around dipping his fingers in everything and stroking all of the kitchenware (you had to be there I think).

The two dishes they cooked were actually ones I wouldn’t have tried myself as one included salmon and the other marzipan, two things I don’t like. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole Supertheatre experience though, it was probably the best part of my whole Good Food Show Winter trip!

Overall I had an amazing day and will probably definitely be back next year, especially if it means more Paul Hollywood time ;-)!

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