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Adding Travel Touches To My Living Room With Desenio

September 10, 2019

Adding Travel Touches To My Living Room With Desenio

September 10, 2019
This post is sponsored by Desenio. 

When it comes to decorating my home I love to have little nods to the places I’ve visited or the cities I’m dreaming of going to and whilst my house is rented, I have found there are still lots of amazing ways to add these little touches to my home.
Since moving into my latest house just over a year ago, I have been dreaming of creating the perfect travel-focussed gallery wall. We have a huge wall at the back of my living room and with nothing on it, it was becoming a bit of a dull and empty space.
Thanks to Desenio, that is no longer the case. 
So, Who Are Desenio?
Desenio offers a wide range of stylish posters and prints showcasing the latest interior design trends, always at great prices and of high quality. They have a wide range of photo posters, classic black-and-white prints, cool retro-posters, modern art, illustrations, beautiful children’s posters and much more.
Why Did I Choose The Prints That I Did?
The prints I choose were: 
Monstera Three (70 x 100)
Peach Building (50 x 70)
Green Monstera (13 x 18)
& Black Marble (13 x 18)
In order to continue with the travel theme I have throughout my home, I wanted my gallery wall to represent this. I loved the Fashion Cities Sign as it reminded me of an old school departure board at an airport and having visited 75% of the cities featured, I figured it would be a great fit.
The Monstera Three print isn’t necessarily travel related but I loved that it added a little bit of a natural vibe to the gallery. I love spending time outdoors and I wanted to reflect that in my home. The small Green Monstera print does the same.
When it comes to travel, most of my readers will know that I am fighting for change. With the goal to make UK travel marketing more plus-size diverse, I thought the Change Your Thoughts poster was a perfect representation of what I am trying to acheive. Plus, it’s a nice little reminder for me whenever I need it.
My last ‘large’ print was the Peach Building and I choose this in an attempt to bring in a little bit of colour. Eventually, I will be adding green and pink cushions to my sofas, which will help tie the whole look together a little more.
The last two prints were my last additions, as I was looking for some smaller prints to bring the whole thing together.
When it came to frames, I picked a wide range of styles to create that popular mismatched look everyone loves.
My Overall Thoughts
Ordering from Desenio was super easy, especially if you’re using the gallery wall tool on their site. Not only does this mean you can play around to see whether or not the prints you’re choosing work well together but you can also see exactly how it is going to look in a setting similar to yours. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or dining room, you can build your online gallery anywhere. If you’re really struggling for inspiration, the website also has a wide range of ready-made galleries you can choose from.
I choose to use the gallery wall tool and then added a few additional prints at the end.
The delivery took quite a while but honestly, I didn’t mind. I think it was roughly around 5-7 days which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t too long. I’m just used to one day delivery on Amazon. 
Setting Up
When it comes to the application and ease of setting up the frames, I had very little issues. All of the prints arrived in a tube, with the frames separate. It took me a while to put the right prints into the right frames but once they were done, the rest was pretty simple. 
Although I’m not allowed to hang photo frames on the wall, I am allowed to use the WORLD’S GREATEST INVENTION - Command Strips. Some of the frames were a little thinner than I had anticipated, however not one of them feels as though they’re unsafe.
The quality of the prints is absolutely incredible and well worth the money that you pay. The frames are also high quality and feel as though they’re going to last a good few years before they need replacing.
If you want to shop with Desenio, I have a discount code that will get you an amazing 25% off. The code is valid on prints until midnight on the 12th of September and is not valid on frames nor handpicked or personalised prints. All you need to do is enter KIRSTYLEANNE at the checkout.
Have you ordered from Desenio before? What did you pick? 


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