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A Quick-Move Procedure For Those In A Rush

November 28, 2019

A Quick-Move Procedure For Those In A Rush

November 28, 2019

Do you travel around a lot? Perhaps you’ve moved houses so frequently, moving around has just become a normal part of your life. It could be that you’re travelling the world and moving from city to city or country to country. When the time comes to move, chances are that you won’t have all the time in the world. You have a train or plane to catch. Perhaps you only rent homes and so, you need to be out the door before the lease runs out. In that case, you need an easy quick-move procedure, so you can pack up and go in no time at all. No lingering, no hesitation and most of all no confusion. This can be used anywhere and at any time, so get your pen and paper ready.

Bedding and clothing

The very first thing to be packed will be your clothes. Nothing else matters except packing your clothes and your bedding. The reason for this is, clothes are essentially small items and the smaller and item is, the more chances of it being lost. Plus, you never know how much room your clothes will take up because if you’re travelling a lot, you’re buying clothes from those places too. Make three piles or bags. The upper body such as tops, t-shirts, jackets, etc. A lower body such as jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. Then the add-ons such as socks, hats, underwear, and gloves, etc. For the bedding, you need to put the bed sheets and pillowcases inside the duvet covers. This way you don’t lose anything and keep each set together. It also saves a lot of space in your suitcase.

Moving custom pieces

While on your travels, perhaps you’ve bought a piece of artwork. A statue, painting or figurine can be transported if it has its own custom made transport box. If you were to click here, you could see what kind of custom crafting services to look for. The company will take the measurements from you as well as images for sizing reference, or will actually come to your house to measure it as they’re a national service. Then the box will be made and taken with the moving team to your house on the day you’re going to be transporting your items. The reason why you need a custom crate or box is, almost any other way will mean your artwork will be lumped in with the other things and get damaged. Even if it’s a minor scratch, it could cost hundreds or thousands of repairs. The same can be done for things like televisions, computers, desks, etc.

Small electronics

Many people have remembered they left their phone chargers in their room while halfway through the journey to their new home. Don’t be that guy. Buy a leather travel bag, so you can just throw everything like mobile chargers, laptop chargers, earphones, headphones, your tablet and camera inside. It doesn’t require you to pack slowly, and you can quickly sweep the room in just a few seconds.

When time is tight, you don’t want to spend too long packing to move house. You need to have a procedure in place so you can pack and go in less than one hour.


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