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A Little Life Update: June 2018

June 23, 2018

A Little Life Update: June 2018

June 23, 2018

I always say I am going to do these more often, but then six months passes by before I even think about it and then I end up with so much to tell you I may as well write an entire book. Of course, that is what has happened this time so I am going to *try* and keep this as short as possible, with the idea of doing them every month from now on… 

If you like these kinds of posts, I recommend you grab a cuppa and make yourself comfy…

I’ve officially been freelancing for six months 

On the 1st of June I had officially been freelancing for six months, which was basically the time frame I gave myself to decide whether of not this was working for me. Surprisingly (to me) it has gone SO MUCH better than I thought it ever could, and I am super excited to see where the next six months take me.

I’m moving house (again)

I think I must have moved house about four times since I started blogging, but YET AGAIN I’m having to move due to the World’s Worst Estate Agents. I’m not going to get into the story (maybe I’ll save it for another time), but as a result we are going to be moving into a much nicer place, thankfully. I move on the 7th July, which honestly couldn’t come quick enough.

I’ve joined in with the hype and started an IGTV channel

I know, I know, it could all go down in flames, but I truly beleive IGTV is exactly the platform I needed right now. I have tried to get into YouTube but with there being so many successful channels out there I felt like I was swimming against the tide, and I didn’t feel I’d ever be able to substantially grow my channel. IGTV however means I already have the following that I have on Instagram, and we’re all learning and starting off at the same time! Perfect!

I’m going to be posting sit down chatty videos, vlogs (of both travel and fun events), hauls, tips and tricks and so much more over the next few months. SO if you want to follow me to keep up with what I’m up to, you can do so here.

I’m ALSO starting a Plus Size Travel Podcast

I’m ALL about making plus size travel the norm, and so while listening to my favourite travel podcasts one day I realised that there isn’t a specific podcast in that niche. With absolutely no clue how to start a podcast or build an audience, of course I decided I was the right person for the job. Jokes aside, I’m super excited to get creating and really hope this is the start of something amazing! 

I spoke at Traverse18 and it was INCREDIBLE

Lately, I’ve had lots of different speaking opportunities and to be honest, I am LOVING it. I know I get super nervous beforehand, but when I’m up there and people actually want to listen to me, I get such a buzz! Speaking at Traverse has got to be one of my favourite speaker sessions I’ve done so far as I had fun, I MADE PEOPLE LAUGH (me?! funny?!) and people seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. Plus, the conference was in Holland so I got to explore a new city at the same time.

I held a workshop with Clickstay at this years #BlogConLDN

Again, another speaking opportunity came up and it was pretty much straight after my Traverse18 experience. This time around I hosted three workshops with one of my favourite brands, Clickstay.com. The workshop was based on pitching to brands, giving both a bloggers and a brands perspective to gaining your dream collaborations!

I’m working less and looking after me

This has been so important for me over the last few months as when I first started freelancing I was pretty much working ALL day and ALL night. It was draining, I had no social life and I was tired all the damn time. Now I try to stick within normal day to day working hours, then I spend the evenings either watching TV with my boyfriend, or watching him play games.

For some unknown reason I can’t play console games too well, but I absolute love watching them. My favourite to watch is Fallout and I am so addicted to the story line (please don’t tell me what happens as we haven’t got to the end yet!), so I’m hoping that once we’ve moved we’ll be able to buy a PS4 Pro for the bedroom, meaning I don’t have to sit in my boyfriends games room to watch anymore!

I will be travelling soon, I PROMISE

I mentioned a while back that while I’m moving house I need to take a short break from travelling, but as soon as we’re settled I’m planning on going a few different trips to end the year. So far it’s only been a month without travel, but it’s definitely been the longest month of my life. Only two more to go… 

I *think* that is everything, but knowing me I’ll think of something as soon as I hit publish. I guess that gives me even more of a reason to make these a monthly thang… 

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  • Aimee July 6, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Congrats on six months of freelancing! So glad things are going well for you. Good luck with the house move – super stressful, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.


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