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A Complete Tyre Maintenance Guide

April 15, 2020

Not sure about what guides to follow for tyre maintenance? Don’t worry, as this article will cover all the essential tyre maintenance tips that you need to keep your tyres roadworthy all year long!

Driving around in Birmingham can be tough, especially when roads in Birmingham are amongst the busiest roads in UK! In midst of following our everyday routine and reaching to every place on time, we often forget about checking up on our vehicle and especially our tyres. Here are some easy maintenance tips that I believe can help us all during our busy lives in Birmingham!

  1. Rotate Your Tyres

It is advisable to rotate your tyres after every 6 months to increase their longevity. Weight on only the front or rear of the tyre can cause uneven tyre wear. Therefore, tyre rotation ensures even tyre wear and helps in improving tyre performance over the period of time.

  1. Consider Getting Your Wheels Aligned

A proper wheel alignment done by a professional is necessary at least once a year. Wheel alignments helps in avoiding uneven tyre wear, improves fuel efficiency, improves vehicle safety and ultimately increases the life of your tyres. It is suggested that wheel alignment should be done after every 25,000 km.

  1. Visual Inspection

Do not forget to visually inspect your tyres once a week. Look out for any cuts, cracks, bulges, punctures or tread wear. If you find any of these, consult a nearby professional.

  1. Change tyres according to seasons

Using winters tyres in summers and vice versa can cause the tyres to wear out soon. Each pair of tyres have been designed differently to match their respective weather conditions. Therefore, consider using tyres that are best suitable for the current weather in which you’re driving.

  1. Replace Tyres When Needed.

If your tyres are more than 5 years old, they need to be checked once every year. Whereas, if you’re tyres are 10 years old then they need to be replaced immediately. This is because after a few hundred miles, even the best of tyres begin to wear out affecting the driver and the passengers’ safety. Driving style, poor and bumpy roads, poor alignment, excess load and under/over tyre inflation can lead to a tyre replacement.

If you see your tyre wearing out, do not take this for granted and get your tyres replaced immediately before it affects your safety on road.

  1. Replace All Tyres At One Time

It may seem cost effective to buy two budget tyres and two premium tyres, however such a practice can have adverse effects on your vehicle and tyre’s longevity. Having mixed tyres can cause rapid tyre wear and many other mechanical problems. It is advisable to purchase similar tyres of a same renown brand so that tyre wear and other tyre issues can be avoided as much as possible.

Follow all these maintenance tips or consider replacing your tyres whenever required. If budget is your concern, then that’s not a problem too as many garages in Birmingham offers both premium and budget tyres. You can also buy good quality tyres at an affordable price from Plume Tyres, Birmingham Branch.


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