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5 Surprising Ways To Help Combat Loneliness

March 19, 2019

5 Surprising Ways To Help Combat Loneliness

March 19, 2019

Although I don’t talk much about it online, before I started freelancing I worked for a healthcare company that provided products and services to the elderly. Whilst it wasn’t my dream job, it definitely opened my eyes up to how lonely people can feel as they age.

It made me realise that as we start to grow up, it’s easy to forget to visit the elderly people in our lives. Whether its parents, grandparents, great grandparents – as life goes on, the amount of time you spend together gets smaller and smaller.

Whilst it may not always be possible to spend time with the elderly people in our lives, there are lots of different things you can do to help combat their loneliness. Working together with Premier Care, I’ve put together a list:

  • Visit Whenever You Can, Even If Just For Half An Hour – Although you may not live within close distance of your elderly relatives anymore, it’s important you’re stopping by whenever you get a chance. Whether that means going round for dinner or dropping in for a coffee, they will really appreciate that you’re making time for them.
  • If You Can’t Visit, Make Sure You’re Calling Often – If you do live a long distance away and can’t afford to go back and visit as often as you’d like, make sure you taking the time to call them as often as you can. Even though you’re not face to face they will love that you are making the effort to call them and find out how they’re doing. If they have the technology, Facetiming or Skyping them is even better!
  • If You’re Travelling A Lot, Send Postcards – In this day and age, a lot of people spend their lives travelling around. Whether you’re like me and you travel a lot for work or you’re living the dream as a digital nomad. Sending a postcard from every new destination you’ve been to will let them know you’re still thinking of them.
  • Encourage Your Elderly Relatives To Make Friends And Go With Them – If you’re in a position where you’re local and you can take your elderly relatives out, taking them to places where they’re encouraged to make friends is a great idea. Having something they can go out to every week where there are people in a similar situation to them is the perfect way for them to meet new people.
  • Take Your Elderly Relatives Out On Day Trips – Finally, if you can, take your elderly relatives out with you for the day! Whether it’s a trip to the shops or a walk around a new town, getting outside and doing something fun will make for some incredible memories.

What can you do to help your elderly relative’s combat loneliness? 


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