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6 Awesome Ways To Spruce Up Your Home This Winter

December 4, 2018

6 Awesome Ways To Spruce Up Your Home This Winter

December 4, 2018

I think I might be the only person who is still clinging onto the cute Autumn decorations, as I’m not quite ready to bring my tree down out of the loft and get my home ready for winter. Whilst I should be excited as I am hosting my first ever Christmas (and in my incredible new home, I should add) I have been lacking inspiration when it comes to making my home feel like a cosy paradise.

As I am probably the last person on the planet to get the winter decorations out, I thought I’d have a stalk of Pinterest and Instagram to get me in more of a winter mood. There were SO MANY cute ideas that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. So, here’s how I want to spruce up my home for winter this year…

Decorating The House With Winter Decorations (Not Just Christmas Decorations)

Although having the Christmas decorations out is the best thing ever, I like to have seasonal decorations too. Whilst winter decorations are very similar to Christmas ones, it’s a lot less Santa and Rudolph and a lot more frost and winterberries. Just like having my pumpkins out for the whole of Autumn, I love how cosy these winter touches can make my house feel.

Bringing Out The Winter Bedcovers, Blankets and Cushions 

I can’t be the only one who has different blankets that they bring out in winter, right?

I tend to bring out the fluffier more cosy blankets the closer it gets to winter and they’re so much warmer, and they make my living room, conservatory and bedroom feel so much more comfortable.

Using Winter Inspired Wax Melts Throughout The House

This is probably my favourite thing to do during winter, as I absolutely love the winter scents you can get for your wax burner. From Christmas Cookie to Real Fir Tree, I would burn winter wax melts all year round if I could. In fact, I think I probably do… 

Switching To Winter Inspired Cleaning Products

Similarly to wax melts, I absolutely love the winter cleaning scents you can get. From pine scented toilet bleach to warm cinnamon Zoflora, you can bet my house will be smelling like a grotto for approximately the next three months.

Decorating The House With Cosy Fairy Lights 

Aren’t fairy light the best things ever? I only ever seem to bring them out as it gets to winter as I feel like they’re a little too Christmassy, but they end up staying up for a couple of months afterwards. Whether I put them over my fireplace, in my windows (or upc windows) or wrapped around my bed frame – I love how much cosiness they can add to a room. 

How do you get your home ready for Winter? I’d love to know!

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