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4 Soup Recipies Inspired by the Places I have Travelled

April 3, 2018

4 Soup Recipies Inspired by the Places I have Travelled

April 3, 2018

Although we wish it were possible to spend our whole lives travelling the world and visiting far-flung tropical climes, the reality is that being rooted in rainy England is sometimes inevitable. In between planning the next exciting itinerary and checking out the coolest countries to get stamped on your passport, staying warm becomes a defining part of the day – one made brighter by a few fantastic food choices.

There’s a real satisfaction that comes from wrapping your cold hands around a cup of hot chocolate, or slurping down a home-made stew to warm you from the inside. But the true pièce de résistance is finding that perfect bowl of liquid loveliness.

To help inspire your culinary creativity, here’s our rundown of four of my favourite soup recipies inspired by the places I have visited (or will be visiting very soon!)…

Italian Chicken Gnocchi

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Filled to the brim with flavour and overflowing with wholesome goodness, chicken gnocchi soup blends succulent meat, potato gnocchi, and tender, mouth-wateringly tasty veggies. Easy to make either on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, it tastes as great as it smells, and is quick to whip up too. Few things hit the spot quite so well on a cold and rainy winter’s day.

Hearty English Noodle Soup

Want something a little more filling than ordinary soup and makes you think of your Mum’s homemade soup? Then how about a dish that combines liquid loveliness with the tummy-stretching goodness of noodles? If this sounds right up your street, this soup is what you’re after, and it’s so simple to make. Start by putting some broth in a nice, big soup pot, and heat until it bubbles. Once you’ve hit this milestone, chuck in your other ingredients too (you can find a list of what you need here). Cook until your noodles are al dente and you’re good to go.

Croatian Spicy Seafood Udon

If neither of those suggestions are doing the job and tickling your taste buds, perhaps you need something with a little more ‘bite’ behind it. Spicy seafood udon, as recommended by Deliveroo, should be just the ticket. Start with some salmon, carefully sliced into three similarly sized pieces. You’re going to want some squid too, ideally cut into six, and some dashi stock. Prepare the latter as per the instructions on the packet, throw salmon, shrimp, squid, and kimchi paste into the mix, and bring the pan to boil. Add chopped cucumber and carrot, boil for a further minute, and add wakame and udon noodles for 30 seconds more. Voila, you’re done!

Balinese Creamy kale and sweet potato

If you want to be impressively healthy, you could also choose to add a superfood into the mix, and kale is an ideal option, especially when mixed with sweet potato. Combining to create a rich, creamy, and unerringly satisfying soup, this tasty concoction is a guilt-free addition to any diet. Discover how to whip it up with your own fair hands here.

Economical to create, quick and easy to make, and wonderfully warming on a cold winter day, these four fantastic soup recipes will revolutionise your cooking. Which one of them will you try first?

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