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Second Chances – What would I do differently at University?

March 27, 2017

Second Chances – What would I do differently at University?

March 27, 2017

It’s so hard to believe that I started studying at the University of Westminster just over six years ago. I graduated in 2014 and although it seems like it should be a long time, it feels like just yesterday to me.

Moving away from London after graduation was an incredibly hard decision to make, so whenever I get the chance to go back I do. Despite being in London often, I never get the opportunity to go back to where it all began – my first halls of residence.

Last weekend me, Ashton and Amy were staying in Battersea for #BlogConLDN so we decided to visit the Cat Cafe in Shoreditch. I was so happy when I realised it was just a five-minute walk from the first University Halls I stayed in, so we went to grab a drink in the cafe opposite.

Ashton Jade

Afterwards, we took a walk to the small park behind my halls, giving me a chance to see my old bedroom window and front door. I didn’t think I would feel anything but seeing where I spent my first nine months in living in London made me feel really nostalgic for my days at University.

I realised there and then that I miss it, despite everything that went wrong.

To add a little bit of context – five days before I was due to move to London I fell down the stairs at my parent’s house and broke my foot and tore several ligaments. I had to spend four months on crutches and ended up missing quite a lot of my classes due to being in so much pain. When I finally started to recover my boyfriend (who I had moved to London with) broke up with me. All in all, not a great first year at University.

Thinking about University and everything that happened got me to thinking, what would I do differently if I could relive the whole experience?

? I wouldn’t pick my first choice University based on what someone else wants.

? I wouldn’t live by the ‘40% to pass’ rule in first year.

? I’d talk to EVERYONE.

? I would start a blog (four years earlier).

? I would take the time to go to guest lectures and invest time in improving my knowledge at every opportunity.

? I would spend less time going out getting drunk and more time working on me.

? I would make the effort to explore more of London.

? I would walk more.

? I would make more friends in class.

? I would take more pictures of London, as opposed to countless drunken selfies.

? I would join more societies.

? I would learn how to budget.

? I would cook more and eat better food.

? I would go to more lectures and take the time to get to know the lecturers.

? I wouldn’t get a job in my first year.

What I’m Wearing

As the cobbled streets behind my halls of residence are so bloody cute I thought they’d be the perfect place to take some outfit photos.

I can already tell that this cute floral bell-sleeved dress* from Simply Be is definitely going to staple part of my wardrobe throughout spring as it’s so comfortable. The ties at the side of the dress make it easy to loosen and tighten which has been great the last few months as my weight has been fluctuating quite a bit.

And just look at that print, isn’t it stunning?

I paired it with some thick black leggings (as it was FREEZING out) and my go-to suede boots. I think if I wanted to dress it up a little I could easily wear it with knee high boots or tights to change the entire feel of the outfit. One of the main reasons I love dresses so much…

When looking back on my University experience there are so many different aspects I would change, maybe I should find a way to fulfil them in my lifestyle now?

Kirsty Leanne




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