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What I wore for Halloween | Cute Cat Costume

November 3, 2016

What I wore for Halloween | Cute Cat Costume

November 3, 2016

Okay, okay. I know it’s November now but I really couldn’t resist sharing my cute cat costume with you.

I pretty much go as a cat every Halloween, but this year I wanted to make it a little different as I was going to a cocktail party in London with Makeup Revolution and TAM Beauty. I was aiming for subtle and cute, and I think I did pretty well. Right?

The Cute Cat Costume


I’m really unorganised, so a few days before the event I decided I didn’t like the outfit and I that I wanted a Tulle skirt instead.

Have you ever tried to buy a plus size tulle skirt for less than £20 on short notice? If not I have a word of advice for you – DON’T. I looked absolutely everywhere for one but they were either too small, not going to arrive on time or ridiculously expensive.

Determined to get one I turned to Facebook and Twitter, where someone suggested Amazon Prime. Uhm, what? Amazon has Tulle skirts? 

In the end, I ordered this beauty (in grey) and it arrived the next day. AMAZING. I have to admit it was a little tight but even for a one size fits all I was still super impressed.

I had visions of it turning out like the ‘One-size-fits-all’ Buzzfeed videos, but it was definitely comfortable enough to wear.I paired it with one of those cheap £3 t-shirts from Primark that had stars on it, cause Halloween.

I paired it with one of those cheap £3 t-shirts from Primark that had stars on it, cause Halloween.

As I can’t wear heels at the moment I decided to go for a pair of silver studded flat dolly shoes. They were really comfy and made my night of dancing so much easier as I wasn’t struggling around in heels or walking home barefoot.

To complete my cute cat costume I ordered a pair of Rhinestone Cat Ears from eBay. I had seen these used SO many times before and thought they were adorable, so I ordered a pair (this is the only thing I ordered well in advance) and oh my god I want to wear them every day.

The only downside was that they REALLY REALLY hurt my head.

The Makeup

cute cat costume makeup

My makeup skills lately are horrendous, however, the terrible lighting in the hotel didn’t help at all.

I went for a smokey eye look with winged eyeliner and a bold lip. As we were going to a Makeup Revolution party I thought I’d use pretty much all their products, including the Flawless Palette, Double Flick Eyeliner and Rose Gold Lipstick in Diamond Life.

Also, please ignore that I have blue hair. I was aiming for a steel/silver colour and it DID NOT WORK.

Oh well, at least it was Halloween.


I think I’d happily be a cat every day if I could.


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