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2020 Spring Style: Get There Early To Set The Trends

March 21, 2020

2020 Spring Style: Get There Early To Set The Trends

March 21, 2020

Spring is literally around the corner. We’ve had a whole 3 months of winter, snow and frost. Now it’s time to start unwrapping ourselves from the layers and layers we’ve been hiding under, to wear something lighter and brighter. Fashion truly comes alive when the spring arrives as many fashion shows across the globe set their dates for this season. Even with the explosion of color last year, this year is set to be even louder and more vibrant. It’s kind of a renaissance for color actually, as even interior design is changing to become less neutral. But if you want to set a trend, you do have to be the first one to dare and try something new. First come first serve as they say.

Hail to wool

You would have thought that wool was only a material that would be used for autumn and winter, but there’s something new picking up speed. The knitwear dress is doing something the midi dress can’t. It’s allowing you to wear a figure-hugging dress and yet still be cool underneath. Unlike a midi dress, you don’t need to wear thicker undergarments. With wool, you can wear slender undergarments as the material of the dress will give you support and warmth. You also have the choice of many different colors and patterns. The dress goes down to your shins at the least, with other styles flaring at the bottom, over your feet. Knit dresses are usually worn with a necklace as the sheer length of the item has to balance out with something smaller and more detailed.

Boots and heels

The desert boot made a huge comeback in the previous decade. We saw many different styles emanating from the UK and America. It showed that even older styles can comeback, but dominate the world. It seems like the kneehigh heel is doing the exact same thing this year. A tan suede knee high heels is great for spring. It’s not light enough to be for the summer sun. it’s just dark enough to fit in well with early spring. You also have over-the-knee styles if you wish. This would go well with a dress that has a slit or perhaps a skirt just below the middle of your thighs. If you would still like to rock the desert boots in spring, go for a pastel purple or perhaps a sky blue. It’s best to go with fabric desert boots rather than suede, as shorter boots should remain lighter on your feet.

You can never escape

As soon as the sun comes out, you will notice that no matter what kind of spring style you like, you can never escape the allure of sunglasses. Check out the green-tinted Clayton model from RIXX Eyewear. Rose gold frames, square lenses and 100% UV protection. Best of all, they’re completely handmade. Hexagonal lenses are slowly rising in style stock, so perhaps the Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat model is something you’d be willing to try on.

Be the first to pair your knitwear dress with kneehigh heels. The early spring style that will carry on through to summer, should be paired with contemporary hexagonal sunglasses. 


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