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Lifestyle: Second-hand Book Haul

January 5, 2016

Lifestyle: Second-hand Book Haul

January 5, 2016

I mentioned in my last few posts that I am starting to save money, yet I still wanted to make more time to read. So, after setting myself a target to read 30 books this year, I turned to Amazon for all my second-hand book needs. I feel a little less guilty as most of these were purchased for under £3.00, and are in really good condition.

Lately, I am loving crime books and as a lover of anything with a ‘CSI’ vibe my haul this month had a little bit of an obvious theme…

The Abomination | Jonathan Holt

I bought the second book in the Carniva series when I had a long train journey ahead of me after my Graduation, I’d not heard of Jonathan Holt before but it sounded right up my street, especially as I had just come back from Venice. The Abomination is the first in the series, so I am excited to finally read it, even if it is in the wrong order oooops. I’m almost 99.9% certain my next haul will include the third, The Traitor, which came out last October.

Daughter | Jane Shemilt

When living in London I always saw posters for Daughter in tube stations, and I was intrigued by how little they gave away. I’ve finally caved and bought the book, hoping that it lives up to it’s reviews! I used to read a lot of books similar to this before I started University, so I am sure it won’t disappoint.

The Husband’s Secret | Liane Moriarty

This was a recommendation from my Mum a few months ago, but I have only just got around to buying it. I’ve heard quite a lot of hype around it, so I’m interested to see what all the fuss is about. Plus, the plot does sound right up my street…

One Step Too Far | Tina Seskis

This is one I bought on a whim, but something about the blurb that made me buy. I love mystery and this book clearly has a lot of it. Really can’t wait to read this one, it may even be the first one I read this year.

Little Black Lies | Sharon Bolton

This was a book I saw in a post by Hannah Gale a while back that I added to my wishlist right away. It’s described as a psychological thriller, and has amazing reviews on Amazon too. This is the only book that isn’t second hand, as it was just as cheap brand new!

The Other Child | Lucy Atkins

This is another book I had not heard of before, but I thought sounded very interesting. Another psychological thriller too, so fingers crossed I enjoy it.

The Lie | C.L Taylor

This is another book that I think will leave me guessing throughout, as it’s all about, well…  a big lie! The blurb sounded really interesting, so for less than £3.00 I couldn’t say no.

Have you bought any books recently? I am thinking of buying a couple of second-hand books a month to help reach my goal of 30. I’ll be using Goodreads to track too, and as soon as I get started I’ll link to my profile in my book related posts!
Kirsty Leanne xx

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  • Izabela Nair January 5, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    I finished reading 'The Lie' and I have to say that it was a great book. It kept me guessing until the last page.



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