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6 2019 Planners That Are PERFECT For Bloggers | Blogging Tips

December 5, 2018

6 2019 Planners That Are PERFECT For Bloggers | Blogging Tips

December 5, 2018

With the New Year just around the corner, I can’t be the only one thinking that I desperately need a planner for 2019, right? 

I love how organised the new year makes me and feel and there is no better feeling than starting a new planner with all your exciting plans – and not so exciting duties and appointments. But with so many different planners out there, where do you even begin when looking for your perfect match?

There are regular 2019 diaries, planners aimed at setting goals, complete life organisers…. the list goes on. Knowing exactly what you need can be difficult if you don’t know what the best options are.

With that in mind, I have done as much research as I can to try and find 6 of the best 2019 planners for bloggers in the UK. 

Amelia Lane Paper 2019 Desktop Daily Life Designer

Set-up: The gorgeous Amelia Lane Desktop Daily Life Designer is a handy day to a page planner. Each day features an hourly schedule, a to-do list, a notes section and space to fill in your daily meals and exercise. The planner is dated from January 1st to the end of December 2019.

Design: This planner is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen and it’s absolutely massive, just what I like! It’s a hardback cover with twenty nineteen embossed in gold on the front, and Amelia Lane Paper on the back. Whilst the outside design is absolutely stunning  (there are four different ones to choose from), the inside has quite a simple, easy to use design. There are cute quotes dotted throughout the planner, with a monthly planner spread at the start of each month.

Features: Monthly Expense and Budget Tracker, 12 Goal Action Worksheets, Vision Board, 2019 and 2020 Yearly Planners, Bucketlist, Passwords and Login Lists, Two Sheets of Stickers, Gift Buying List, Books To Read List, Notes Pages and a page for your Ideas.

Perfect for: The Amelia Lane Planner is perfect for those that like to add their own little flair to their planner. WIth lots of space to add your own doodles, colours and designs it’s super customisable to your own taste. The day to a page set up makes it ideal for people who like to plan their days hour by hour, giving you a little bit more control over what you do when.

Buy the Amelia Lane Desktop Daily here.

The Imperfect Life Planner

Set-up: The Imperfect Life Planner is designed to get you to focus on the fact that not everything in life is perfect. It gives you a chance to look at your previous year and what you loved about it, at the same time setting goals for the year ahead. It has a day to a page set-up with an hourly schedule, a to-do list, space to write down something that has made you happy that day and a spot to write down a mistake you made. It also has space at the bottom for you to write any notes you need to.

Design: This planner is quite a chunky hardback, but as it’s around A5 size it’s still manageable if you want to throw it into your bag. The cover design reflects the imperfections of life with funky ‘pen scribbles’ and 2019 embossed in gold in the centre. The design of the inside reflects this with lots of images and quotes for you to colour in, scribbles throughout the planner and the coolest handwritten font. There is also a 7 step guide to making your 2019 game changing at the start of the planner.

Features: A Quarterly Masterplan For You To Work Out Your Goals, Weekly Check-Ins To Help You Refocus, A Monthly Mistake Log To Help You Reflect, Real Life Gold Star Stickers, A Yearly Planner, Space To Plot Your 2019 Plan, A Reflection On Your 2018 and A Reflection On 2019 At The End Of The Planner.

Perfect for: This is the perfect planner for people who want to learn to love the mistakes they make. If you’re looking to have an incredible 2019 with less stress and more productivity, this is probably the planner for you. Whilst it teaches you to be organised, it also teaches you to forgive yourself. This is the planner I used all of 2018 and I loved it.

Buy the Imperfect Life Planner here.

MiGoals Goal Digger Planner

Set-up: If you want a planner that is focussed on setting goals and the steps to achieving them, then the MiGoals Goal Digger Planner is perfect for you. This planner is more geared towards your goals so it has a weekly planner, rather than a day to a page. The weekly view has space to write a few notes for each day, a list for what you’re grateful for, space to write your weekly goals, a to-do list, a habit tracker, a note section, space to write your top 3 wins and a little chart to rate your week. As far as a weekly spread goes, it’s pretty jam-packed.

Design: I love the design of this planner as it is modern and sleek. The planner itself is a little bit thicker than a softback book and completely grey with ‘Goal Digger Planner 2019’ embossed on the front. The inside is very similar with lots of lines to break things up, a gorgeous easy to read font used throughout and a sleek design that is so so pleasing to look at. It’s not designed to be pretty, but effective instead.

Features: Sections For Purpose and Vision Planning, 7 Short Term Goal Worksheets, 3 Long Term Goal Worksheets, Monthly Review Sections To Check Your Progress, Monthly View Pages To See Your Priorities At A Glance, A Section For Your Budgets and Note Pages.

Perfect for: Whilst this planner isn’t ideal if you want to plan out your day hour by hour, it’s absolutely perfect for those who want to plan their yearly goals in great detail. Consider it more like a workbook to ensure you have achieved everything you want to by the end of the year.

Buy The MiGoals Goal Digger Planner here.

Inkwell Press Disc Planner

Set-up: The Inkwell Disc Planner Is slightly different to other planners as it is designed to be entirely customisable. The whole planner comes in parts and you build it yourself using the disc system. You can choose from Daily Planner Inserts, Weekly Planner Inserts, Goal Planning Inserts and Meal Planner Inserts. You can mix and match and use a combination of each, providing they don’t exceed the total amount the discs hold. Once you have picked your cover, your discs your inserts and any extras, you’re ready to build your own planner.

For transparency, I went with Goal Planning Inserts, but I also have the Daily Planner Inserts which can be inserted month by month or six months at a time. Both inserts will not fit in the planner at a time, so I am going to focus mainly on the Goal Planning Inserts as I feel they’re the best for bloggers. These inserts begin with space to reflect and set goals for the year ahead, then move into planning for the individual month. There is no space to plan your year day by day or week by week. 

Design: Depending on what cover you use, the Inkwell Press Disc Planner can look however you like. There are several different designs, however, I went with the classic smoke design for a sleek look. The inserts that you place inside are beautifully designed with pastel colours throughout. In fact, I have to say the design on the Inkwell Planners are one of the best I have seen as they are very visual planners that encourage you to be creative.

Features: The Goal Setting Inserts have 10 Goal Setting and Action Road Map Pages, Projection and Reflection Deep Dive Sheets, Monthly Check-Ins, Goal Adjustments and Your Planning Matrix.

The Weekly Planner Classic Inserts have 52 Pages of Vertical Planning, Monthly and Weekly Top Priority Planning Sections, Two Page Monthly Spreads, Yearly And Monthly Goal Tracking, Gridded and Dot Paper, Project Tracker, Travel Planner, Budget Planning and more.

Perfect for: Depending on which inserts you use, I feel like the Inkwell Disc Planner is perfect for absolutely anyone. You could build it to be exactly what you need, whether that’s goal setting ora day to day planner – it’s completely up to you. 

Buy the Inkwell Disc Planner here.

Hello Day 2019 Planner

Set-up: The gorgeous Hello Day planner is a day to a page planner that’s absolutely perfect for bloggers. The daily spread covers an AM, PM and EVE planner, a to-do list, a note section, a priority list, space to write down and important birthdays, a water tracker and space to write down your accomplishments. Each page also includes a motivational quote and space to write down something you’re good at, something you’re grateful for or something you have achieved depending on the day.

Design: There are a number of different designs to choose from, each one is as beautiful as the next. The inside of each is the same, with a simple design that is incredibly easy to use. It’s a really clear design that leaves lots of room for customisation, but also clearly marks out what space needs to be used for what. It also uses acute ‘Hello’ theme throughout, for example, each day says ‘Hello Tuesday 1st January, Hello Wednesday 2nd January, Hello February’ etc.

Features: 4 Hand Lettered Artwork Pages, Inspirational Quotes Throughout, A Focus On Affirmations, Weekly Pages at the Beginning Of Each Week, Monthly Goal Planning and Monthly Notes at the Start of Each Month, Monthly Calendar for Each Month, 2019 and 2020 Yearly Views, Budget Planner, Yearly Goal Setting and Blank Pages to Use as You Wish.

Perfect for: This planner is perfect for people who want to be able to set goals and plan their year in one planner. With monthly check-ins on goals and a day to a page spread, it’s a combination of all of the planners in the blog post – making it a fabulous and comprehensive planner for a blogger looking to hit their 2019 goals. 

Buy the Hello Day Planner here.

The Trigg Life Mapper

Set-up: The Trigg Life Mapper (an award-winning planner) is a daily planner with a difference. This planner focuses on reflection and mindfulness to help you achieve goals that have been set in all areas of your life. It has goal setting pages to work through at the start of the year and at the beginning of each week, followed by a day to a page set up (barring Saturday and Sunday). The daily pages have space for appointments and a daily grid that marks out your most urgent tasks in comparison to your non-urgent tasks. It also includes quotes or ‘Trigg Points’ to focus on that day.

Design: I love the cover of the Trigg Life Mapper as it is a teal cover, with a compass style design embossed on the front. It’s a simple design, but incredibly Instagramable. Inside is colourful, with colour coding used for different thoughts and emotions. Colour coding is also used to separate each month. The pages within the Trigg Life Mapper are a simple design that is easy to use, with boxes and lists to symbolise what needs to be written where.

Features: An Annual Forecast to Outline Your Key Goals, A Personal Manifesto, Weekly Planners To Visualise Your Goals, A Weekly Gratitude Section, A Weekly Reflection, Daily Inspirational Quotes, Weekly Call To Actions, A Six Month Review To Check In On Your Goals a Final Annual Review.

Perfect for: If you’re looking to restore balance in your work life, relationships and your mind then this is the perfect planner for you. It doesn’t focus so much on the day to day tasks you have to do, rather the steps you need to take to make your life a much happier one.

Buy the Trigg Life Mapper here.

So, which one will you be buying?

 Kirsty Leanne




  • Aimee December 5, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Oh wow, so many pretty planners to choose from. I love them all, and was sooo torn between The Imperfect Life Planner and The Trigg Life Mapper but I’ve gone with The Imperfect Life Planner 😀

  • Kim December 12, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    I need all of these diaries!! I’ve put one on my Christmas list as I want to focus more on my blog next year and a planner will definitely keep me organised! x


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