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Ways to Beat Frizzy Winter Hair

December 21, 2016

Ways to Beat Frizzy Winter Hair

December 21, 2016

If you’ve met me, you will know that I have the worlds thickest hair. When I make the effort to straighten it as soon as I step outside (especially when it is misty out) it will immediately turn into a frizzy mess, it’s so hard to control.

Although it’s pretty bad in the summer I usually manage to get away with tying it up and it looking okay, however in the winter I feel an up do makes me look quite lazy. Scratch that, I am very lazy when it comes to doing my hair before work, which is why I am now doing everything I can to avoid that horrible winter frizz.

After making the effort to look after my hair (I dyed it blue accidently around two months ago, and I have been taking good care of it since) I have really noticed the difference in how frizzy it is, which is making me believe it can actually be tamed, if I can be bothered.

Leave in Conditioner

For as long as I can remember I have needed to buy conditioning treatments at least once a week to help keep my hair healthy. Admittedly over the last few years I haven’t done it as often as I should but I have really noticed the difference since I started using them regularly the last few months. I’ve been testing a few different ones (Herbal Essences, Treseme and Andrew Barton), but I haven’t managed to find a holy grail yet. If you have one, please let me know 😉

Use the Right Brush

One of the main issues with my hair is when it frizzes, it tangles. I actually had quite a lot of my hair cut off this time last year as I was fed up of running my fingers through it (I really should stop playing with my hair) and finding knot after knot. If I had known changing the brush I use would have such a huge impact, I probably wouldn’t have been in such a rush to have it all cut off.

Detangling brushes like the Tangle Teezer have become a life saver over the last few months, especially as it’s winter AND I left my hair in such bad condition when I bleached it. I usually use a detangling brush every time I comb my hair, including once in the shower when I have a leave in conditioner on. The Tangle Teezer website also has some great tips on how to blow dry and style your hair using one of their brushes, something I definitely need practise with.

Avoid Towel Drying or Sleeping with Wet Hair

I am SO BAD when it comes to towel drying my hair and usually end up doing it most nights as I shower before bed and then leave my hair to dry. I know it’s lazy but I get an extra twenty minutes in bed the next morning and blow drying my hair < bed.

One thing I have noticed is that if I take the time to blow dry my hair before I go to bed then my hair is in much better condition the next morning AND it takes nowhere near as long to straighten as it’s much less frizzy then when it dries naturally.

Note: I have actually seen an article that says it’s better to sleep on it, so I guess it’s personal preference.. mine is a mess when I wake up and I look like I have a lions mane, so it’s definitely a no from me. 

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