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Smashbox Shrewsbury Blogger Event

April 9, 2015

Smashbox Shrewsbury Blogger Event

April 9, 2015

Last week I had the most amazing time ever at the Smashbox Shrewsbury blogger event which was held at the new Smashbox counter in Boots, Shrewsbury. Me and 6 other bloggers had the chance to visit Smashbox after hours to hear all about the history of the brand and to hear all about some of their most popular products! Have I said Smashbox too many times?

Photo credit: Sarah Jack at www.everythingyoudontneedtoknowaboutsarah.blogspot.co.uk
The event was held by the lovely and absolutely gorgeous Charlotte and Kate, who were absolute pros on all things Smashbox! If you’re ever in Shrewsbury definitely go and have a chat with them and for those of you coming to the Shropshire Blogger Meet next month, Charlotte will be there to talk to you all about Smashbox! Exciting!

I was already a fan of the brand, but it was great to learn about their history from two people who are obviously passionate about what they do. Smashbox Cosmetics was founded in 1996 with the intention of creating a photo studio finish in reality as if their makeup worked in a tough studio environment, it would definitely work in the real world.

The first thing we were told about were the most well know Smashbox favourites - their primers! The first primer, the original photo finish primer was released over 15 years ago and since then a whole range has been launched. I took home a sample of the Hydrating primer as I have really dry skin and I have already used most of it, it’s amazing. You only have to use a pea sized amount as it goes quite far, but it really makes my skin feel hydrated. Will DEFINITELY be purchasing on payday!
I was really excited to be able to see/swatch the new contour sticks at the event, but unfortunately they hadn’t arrived in store yet! I did however get to see the contour palette which I thought was amazing, the little section showing you what to use and where is a really cute little touch. The highlight looks absolutely stunning!
This is one of the Smashbox ‘Blush Rush’ blushers. We got to look at all of them but the one above (Radiance) was definitely my favourite. I love the little slide out mirrors at the bottom too, perfect for on the run!
Another thing I was extremely excited about seeing was the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette! I wrote about it in one of my Wish lists a few months ago and absolutely love that you get double the amount of shades in one Palette just by wetting your brush! I think it is so clever and love this little chart showing you how the colours change with a damp brush. Charlotte and Kate did a lot of swatches to show us how they change and it was so cool to watch, I really liked how the Copper shimmer turned metallic.
The Smashbox lipsticks and lip pencils were absolutely amazing too. There are 4 Matte lipstick shades, one of which was my favourite of the night - electric pink. Charlotte used the electric pink lip pencil to do my lips as I loved the shade but was unsure if it would suit me! After a couple of minutes wearing it I was convinced and in love. By the time I got ready for bed nearly 6 hours later, my lips looked as though it had just been applied! Definitely, the longest lasting product I’ve ever used. I also really liked that the lip pencils were self-sharpening, all you had to do was put the lid on and twist.
The event was absolutely amazing, I learnt so much about the brand and loved testing and swatching all of the products. I am not sure my bank balance will be too pleased about it come payday though! Each of the bloggers got to go away with a primer sample of their choice and as I mentioned before I choose the one with hydrating skin benefits. We also got a little lipstick sample too. The choices were Posy Pink or Fig but as I am a huge fan of berry lips I decided to go with Fig. I haven’t actually tried it yet but if it is anything like the shade Electric Pink I know I will love it.
What Smashbox products are on everyone else’s wish list?
Kirsty Leanne
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  • Karen Jinks April 9, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    Was such a fab night, love smashbox. Can't wait till the bloggers meet.



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