New Urban Decay Launches | Swatches & First Impressions

Last week the single most greatest thing happened to me since I started my blog - I got to meet the PR of UD in Birmingham to go through the new Urban Decay Launches!

After a disaster of a journey into Birmingham (my first train broke down in the middle of nowhere and the replacement train was delayed by 20 minutes) I met with the lovely PR in Selfridge’s bar, where a much needed glass of wine was waiting for me.

New Urban Decay Launches

The purpose of the meeting was to go through the new Urban Decay Launches, giving me a chance to swatch as much as I wanted and ask as many questions as I could. I really love how Urban Decay made the effort to come and show bloggers the new launches rather than emailing to ask if I would like to try them, it made the whole experience so personal and I think that more brands should start doing this.

Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

So, the first product I got to see was the new Naked Ultimate Basics Palette*. As a huge fan of the other Naked palettes I was incredibly excited to be able to have a play with the 12 new exclusive neutral shades. The palette is made up entirely of matte eye shadows, including one demi matte, perfect for highlighting your brows.

The packaging is a little different to any other Naked palette but LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS? The gold square case is a bloggers dream and the full size mirror and double ended brush are so handy.

What I love about this palette is that the shades are completely different to those in other Naked palette but compliment them all so well it is super easy to mix and match palettes for different looks. I have been using the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for a matte base and finishing off with good old Half Baked on top for a little bit of sparkle.

I am head over heels in love with Extra Bitter, possibly the nicest burnt orange I have ever seen and it has quickly become my go too for autumn looks, paired with reddish-brown Lethal in the crease. Other stand out shades for me include Tempted, Faith and Lockout.

I always say how pigmented eye-shadows are but I actually have proof to back up the amazing quality of these shadows as they all feature the Urban Decay Pigment Infusion System. This gives each shade a velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and amazing blendability.

Vice Lipstick Palette (Junkie)*

Exclusive to Selfridges
Over the last few months Urban Decay have released a new range of Vice Lipsticks, with 100 in the collection overall. Being a lover of lipstick I obviously want them all but with no chance of affording the whole collection I was super excited to see they have now brought out two different limited edition lipstick palettes with twelve different shades in each, including some cheeky exclusives.

I have to admit, my first thought when I think of lipstick palettes is the cheap palettes you used to be able to get from Claire’s Accessories with different scented shades in - please tell me I am not the only one? As a grown-up (just about) I am much more used to lugging around a handbag full of my favourites shades, so I instantly fell in love with this beauty of a palette.

The packaging is again stunning, I love the translucent black cover that says #LipstickIsMyVice.

The palettes are designed to make it easy to apply on the go, which after taking it with me every day since I got it I can definitely agree with. The brush has a special stair-step effect that wipes off any excess lipsticks so you can easily switch between shades on a day to day basis. It also means that you don’t get lipstick all over the palette, something I can’t stand when it happens. 

The shades are so varied which has given me the chance to try out colours I probably wouldn’t have picked normally, some of which are now my favourites (Disturbed I’m looking at you). I was expecting them to all be sheer however there is a mix of Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer so you get an amazing mix in one REALLY handy palette.

Stand out shades include Disturbed, Carnal, Big Bang and Speedball. I’m yet to wear the exclusive Junkie outside of the house… one day maybe?

I also go to try a couple of the other new products including the Full Spectrum palette and Naked Illuminated Trio, which I will talking about in another post.

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* Items marked with an asterix were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.