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Make your Own Perfume with the Perfume Studio | #BloggerHalloweenParty

November 10, 2016

Make your Own Perfume with the Perfume Studio | #BloggerHalloweenParty

November 10, 2016

Haven’t you always wanted to be able to make your own perfume? Well a few weeks ago I was able to thanks to the Perfume Studio’s stand at the #BloggerHalloweenParty.

Make your own perfume


If you missed what the #BloggerHalloweenParty was you can see what we got up to here, but in short me and Ashton Jade hosted an AMAZING Halloween themed event at the end of October. One of the brands there was The Perfume Studio –  a company that help you create a unique fragrance that truly captures the essence of you and your personality.

So basically, if you’ve ever been at a perfume counter and the smell of 3 or 4 different perfumes is starting to mix and you think “damn, this is actually quite nice” then this is for you.

The Perfume Studios create nationwide experiences where you get to learn all about the world of perfumery and make your own bespoke perfume. There are a range of different experiences to choose from based on your budget including a Gold, Platinum and Ultimate experience – you can even choose to have afternoon tea!

As we had a short time frame and a lot of people to get through our perfumery experience was much shorter than normal and in done in small groups of just three people. After a busy few hours running around like a headless chicken making sure the event was running smoothly, I decided I’d have a quick break and join my sister, Hayleigh Marie, and Sophie from Essential Twenty to make some perfume.

Ben, our master perfumer (is that a word?) talked us quickly through the different notes and explained how they are quite similar to musical notes. To make your own perfume all you need to do is simply combine a mixture of top, middle and base notes – easy right?

The best part of the experience was smelling all the different notes and seeing which ones would go well together – did you know there is a proper way to smell perfume? I’ll be taking that trick with me when I next go to the fragrance counter!

So, my perfume was a blend of four different notes, all of which created a lovely, fruity scent. After choosing my notes Ben blended them together and gave me the cutest little 5ml bottle to take home and keep. There are a range of different sizes and bottles you can create depending on your experience, however even the 5ml will go a long way. The best thing is that when I run out I can reorder again from their website as they keep a record of your perfume forever. 

The hardest part was naming my perfume and looking back I wish I had picked something else, although I think I’d still be sat there thinking now if I hadn’t decided there and then. I called mine Kalifornia Dream because, well, I love California and my name is Kirsty…  LAME.

The experiences range from £29.00 for the Gold, right up to £999.00 for the Ultimate experience, so there quite literally is something for everyone.

If you could make your own perfume what would you call yours? 😉

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  • Rosie November 11, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    I LOVE the idea of this! I also loved your blogger Halloween part post!


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