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7 Day Challenge to Better Skin: Magnitone Lucid

May 19, 2015

7 Day Challenge to Better Skin: Magnitone Lucid

May 19, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I took part in the Bloggers Hub #BHTWITTERPARTY and was luckily enough to be gifted with a Magnitone Lucid* in the colour Plush Pink. I didn’t have to wait long for delivery and when I got a message from my Boyfriend telling me that a package had arrived for me I was shocked at how quick it had come after my email confirmation. It was like Christmas opening up the huge package as I was so excited to try it.

The Magnitone Lucid is a facial cleansing and exfoliating brush that helps to make your skin feel alive. Magnitone kindly sent a detailed letter challenging me to try out the ‘7 Day Promise’ for better skin, saying that the Magnitone Lucid aims to give your clearer skin in just 7 days. I was really excited to see my results as lately I have been suffering from really dry and blotchy skin, so visible results in only 7 days seemed too good to be true.
Magnitone Lucid
I took a picture of my skin on day one and as you will see below it’s quite red and puffy, which is always something I have had to deal with. One of the great things about the Magnitone Lucid is that you can use any cleanser you want with it, so I decided to use my Deep Action 2 in 1 Face Mask and Wash as it’s super thick and creamy, making it easier to see what I was doing!
The first day that I used it I put the cleanser onto the brush itself, but after 60 seconds of not a lot happening at all I decided to apply my cleanser directly to my face first. It definitely worked a lot better although it does say you can do it both ways. There are two settings (deep clean and sensitive) and has a handy little timer that beeps every 20 seconds allowing you to focus on problem areas easily, which was really helpful as I have absolutely no sense of time at all. Straight after my first use, I felt refreshed and my skin felt amazingly soft, much better than after my normal bedtime routine.
The next day of using it started to sting a little bit, which I thought could be down to using it on deep clean straight away so I decided to try again using the sensitive setting the next day but it was no different. It was making my face really red and was almost an unbearable to use, which actually quite worried me. I know I have quite sensitive skin, but it’s nothing I have ever worried about this much before.
Day three and four saw a lot of break outs, which I a few other bloggers reassured me was a good thing and my skin would definitely get worse before it got better as the Magnitone as it was getting rid of all of the bad stuff that was clogging up my pores! Although I had quite a few spots I could feel a difference in my skin but at this point I was starting to find it really difficult to use and it was painful to touch my face, so I had to give myself a day break.
After one night of not using my Magnitone it was no less painful or easier to use and although after the redness had gone down I really felt as though my skin was improving. By day seven I was struggling to find the motivation to use it again, because you can imagine how frustrating it is to know that something that would do my skin some good was going to hurt me as much as it did.
As you can see from the picture the results are actually pretty good and my skin looks a lot smoother and clearer. I think even in the picture it’s easy to see that my usual puffiness has gone down. I haven’t come to a verdict as to whether I think it is worth the pain or not, but I think I might carry on using it 2-3 times a week to see if it is any easier or less painful.
I have read so many great reviews about the Magnitone Lucid and a lot of my friends have used it and not experienced any problems and absolutely love using it daily, so I know a lot of it is down to my sensitive skin. If you are interested in trying the Magnitone Lucid then I have an exclusive discount code for 20% off. Just enter GINGER20 at the checkout.
Have you tried the Magnitone? What did you think? Can you recommend anything for my sensitive skin? 

Kirsty Leanne


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*This product has kindly been sent to me by lovely people to sample. Don’t worry though as all opinions are my own and I can promise that the review is 100% honest.
  • Jemma Humphreys May 19, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    Awww its a shame your sensitive skin hasn't took greatly to this! Its good that you've been honest though as I have sensitive skin too and really appreciate this!
    Jemma xx

  • Emyii Rankin May 21, 2015 at 12:40 am

    I would love one of these =]


  • Milly Somewhere June 2, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    I'd love to try this one, but it's so expensive!!
    Milly at http://www.sevenseasaway.com

  • Laura C February 1, 2016 at 10:47 pm

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