My Week in Instagram #3

Despite vowing to post more photos on Instagram this week I completely failed.

I had a really busy weekend as I was decorating living room so I didn’t get chance to take a bank of photos like I normally do each week. Then I really should have caught up one night this week but I have been in absolutely agony with a tooth/earache AND ended up having to have my tooth out to help. I’m still not 100% but I wanted to get this post out regardless 🙂


Haven’t posted a selfie on Instagram before so here goes ✌ . . . Tap for Brands 💄

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In an effort to continue posting even though I had no photos I decided to post a selfie from my phone. This look was made up of Tarte, MAC, Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury and is possibly one of my favourite looks to date. I really want to start getting better at makeup as I am hopeless at it. This was a good start though, right? 😉



This is important today more than ever. ✌❤

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People around the world united on Saturday for the #WomensMarch following Donald Trumps Inaguation. I wasn’t able to make the London march but I wanted to show that I was there in spirit.


These candles are so similar to Bath and Body works and only £2.99 😍

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On Sunday morning I went shoppin for a new rug for my living room and just happened to be next to a B&M store. After hearing they do some great Dupes for Woodwick and Bath and Body Works Candles I couldn’t resisit popping in to see what they had. These were the last B&BW dupes they had so of course, I got both. They don’t smell too strong, but they’re pretty. That’s important too…


I am running out of space for all my books so it looks like I will be ordering my book case on payday 💛❤

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I have a small book shelf in my living room but now my book collection is growing weekly I am running out of space. I have had a Billy Bookcase from IKEA on my home interior wishlist for a long time and I think I am getting to the put where it’s more of a need than a want. Also, how aesthetically pleasing are these colours?

Fentimans are hands down some of the most instagram-worthy drinks ever 👌

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I LOVE Fentimans so when they sent me a hamper of their new 500ml drink I was so happy. I will be featuring them in a post early next week about how Dry January was for me, so for now I am just going to say they are probably my favourite drinks to photograph ever.

This £4 version of a Woodwick candle is definitely not as nice as the original, but it’s not bad for the price you pay! 👌

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This is the other candle I got from B&M while I was shopping for my rug. This one is my least favourite as it is nowhere near as good as the original Woodwick candles. It dones’t crackle as much and I couldn’t smell it at all when lit. You get what you pay for I guess.

Next week I will post more, I promise!

Kirsty Leanne


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  1. January 27, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    Love your photos! But if you’re saying you’re not good at doing your make-up, I dread to think how awful I am! It’s why I don’t wear any - whenever I try, I end up looking like a clown! Haha. Your makeup is great, so don’t worry! And I’m so jealous of you getting a Billy bookcase, I’d love one!

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