Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Little Venice

A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend celebrated our three year anniversary, however the real celebrations were last weekend where we spent two nights in a lovely hotel in Little Venice, London. 

Having both lived in London for three and a half years it was lovely to stay in a place we'd never visited before, whilst being able to do all the things we loved at the same time. 

Although most of the weekend was spent walking around Central London, we did have an amazing time walking around Little Venice on the Sunday. 

I couldn't believe that we'd never been here before, it was absolutely lovely. Although it's nothing like the real Venice it didn't feel as though we were in London at all. The canal was beautiful, it was so peaceful and we ate at the cutest little cafe that was inside one of the boats. 

If we had left out hotel a little earlier we would have been able to go on a boat down the majority of the canal and all the way to Camden Lock, which would have been lovely as it was such a nice day. I'm gutted we missed out on this but my boyfriend has promised me that we will definitely be doing it next time - I can't wait!

As I was armed with my camera I decided to test my boyfriends photography skills and see if he wanted to take some outfit shots for me. I was actually surprised when he said yes, but even more surprised when he started telling me what poses to do! I don't think he realises this yet but I'll be dragging him out on outfit shoots more often. 

As we had done a lot of walking around on the Friday and Saturday my feet were really sore and covered in blisters. This meant I was wearing flip flops by the time Sunday rolled around as I wouldn't have been able to walk in anything else! Which pretty much explains why you won't see my feet in any of these pictures, who wants to see my horrible 90p flip flops anyway?

The dress I am wearing is from Primark, and I absolutely love it! It was perfect for walking around London as it's so light and as it was a hot day it meant I didn't get too hot. 

The flower crown was also from Primark and may or may not be my new favourite thing. I felt so pretty wearing it and I don't say that about myself often! I think I'll be investing in a few more for my holiday so if you've seen any good ones, please let me know. 

Have you ever been to Little Venice before?

Lots of love, 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the little hidden gem of London! I live in Little Venice and go to the canals almost every weekend, either for a stroll or a run.

  2. I love that dress you look so lovely! Congratulations to you and your boyfriend on your three year anniversary!

    Ella xx

  3. I had never even heard of little venice until you posted about it but it sounds like somewhere worth checking out! You look gorgeous :)


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