Monday, 11 April 2016

NEW #StationeryBloggers Twitter Chat

Lately I have noticed that there are so many bloggers blogging about one thing in particular - stationery! Even I blog about it at least 4-5 times a month and it's soon to be a regular occurrence, especially with the addition of my new bullet journal. 

So, while on the hunt for fellow stationery bloggers I thought I would look for some hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, but nobody had posted on the most obvious one #StationeryBloggers. As there are so many of us that I know post on this topic, I have to admit I was really shocked! We have food bloggers, beauty bloggers, travel bloggers....stationery bloggers should be a thing!

In a moment of genius (or madness) decided to ask Twitter what they thought about a stationery themed bloggers chat, and the response was pretty good. In fact, it was better than I was expecting! (90 votes and 68% of those were saying yes!!)

So, I have decided to organise a #StationeryBloggers Twitter chat that will take place every Friday between 6-7PM. Just like other chats there will be a different theme each week, with around 4-5 questions. 

I'll host most weeks, but if you are interested in hosting please do let me know by either tweeting @KirstyLeannee92 or emailing I'm also going to try and see if I can get some stationery brands to host too!

Will you be joining me for the first chat Friday 15th April?

Lots of love, 

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  1. That's such a nice idea and Friday evening is perfect :) I'm gonna add that to the blogger chats list on my blog :) trying to be there on Friday :D


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