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Cult Pens Stationery Bundle

It's the first day of National Stationery Week - YAY! As a stationery addict I have been getting very excited about this and have planned SEVEN posts, one for each day between 25th April and 1st of May. To kick it off I have an amazing collection of stationery goodies from Cult Pens, a stationery stockist fit for any addict with pens, pencils, notebooks, pencil cases, arts and crafts and so much more.

The lovely team at Cult Pens* sent me a range of some of their favourites and I have to warn you now this is going to be a very photo heavy post. 

First of all Cult Pens sent me a lined and squared Rhodia Head Stapled Notepad No11 and a Rhodia Rhodiarama No.11 Refillable Notepad to hold them. I've been coveting a Rhodia notepad for ages, so having a smaller one is a great way for me to test out the quality before I commit to a larger one. I also love how the size is perfect to pop in my handbag for any rough notes I need to make and add to my journal when I get home. 

Cult Pens also sent me a Staedtler Noris Eco Pencil made from extruded natural fibre, meaning you get more graphite pencils per tree. The pencil has non-slip and velvety soft surface, so it's so comfortable to hold!

I also got a set of 24 Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencils, made from the same material as the Eco graphite pencil above. I already know that these are going to be PERFECT for shading in my bullet journal and I can't wait to start using them. They feel like such good quality with their non-slip surface and they have quite a bit of weight to them which I always think is a good sign. The 24 set also includes 12 colours that are not available for individual sale, not bad for less than a fiver!

The first few weeks of writing in my new journal were done in pencil first, so if I made a mistake I could rub it out. It was time consuming, but I no longer have to do this because I now have a set of Uni-ball Signo TSI Erasable Gel Rollerball pens. The pack included 2 blue, 2 black and a red. I've tested them out and they're a little bit difficult to write with at first, but they really do rub out easily. Gone are the days of messy Tippex everywhere... 

Other pens Cult Pens Kindly sent were the Derwent Graphik Line Painter Paint Markers in a range of different colours. These paint markers have a 0.5mm tip and as they're water based they allow for layers of contrasting colours, paint runs, splashes, fine lines and blending. As you can see from the pen test the colours are all extremely vibrant and I can't to start playing around with these properly. 
My favourite colours are Herring and Brilliant, they're so stunning! 

I've also got silver and gold edding 755 Calligraphy Paint Markers with lettering nibs. When I was younger I used to attempt calligraphy and I have vowed I am going to start again, so these gold and silver pens are going to be amazing to use when I have had a little bit more practice. I can't wait to share what I come up with on my Instagram

Finally Cult Pen's sent me the most amazing, gorgeous gold fountain pen. It's a Pilot MR fountain pen with a medium point nib. I love writing with fountain pens and this is definitely one the most instagramable fountain pens I have owned. I've tested it out a few times and it's easy to write with and makes my handwriting look 100 times better. 

I love my selection of stationery and I can't wait to start using it properly! If there's anything you'd like to see a full review on please do let me know in the comments below.

What's your favourite thing from my Cult Pen's haul?

Lots of love, 

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*Post includes PR samples.


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  1. Some lovely bits, love the Graphic penss xx


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