Friday, 8 April 2016

Bullet Journal: Getting Started - Bujo #1

After seeing this phrase thrown around on Twitter a lot the last few weeks, I decided to do a little bit of digging to see if what it was. After a couple of hours of YouTube videos and browsing Pinterest, I discovered the amazing world of the bujo.

I pretty much instantly decided that this was something I had to do as it seemed like the perfect way to organise my pretty hectic life into one journal, with the option to design and create pages for pretty much anything and everything I wanted.

So, what is a Bullet Journal?

It’s basically a customisable organisation system. You can create a diary, notebook, to-do lists and well, pretty much anything in one handy journal. People commonly use plain, square or dotted notebooks so that they can easily ‘design’ the spreads themselves, indexing them so they can easily be referred back to. What’s great is that there is no right or wrong with bullet journals; everyone’s is so unbelievably unique and full of personality.

For a better description you can visit the official Bullet Journal website, where there are tutorials and videos explaining how it works.

Getting Started...

On Saturday night I decided to take the plunge and after seeing a couple of good reviews I decided to head straight to Amazon to get a LECHTTRUM1917 dotted notebook. I spent around an hour trying to decide on what colour to get, but ended up getting grey as I wanted it to look classic. I kind of wish I’d have gotten a teal one now though...

This notebook has already proven itself to be the perfect notebook. It has built in index, 

I also got myself some colours pens, stickers and black fine liners...

First Impressions

These are some of my first impressions after a week of bullet journaling, or general thoughts I have had so far...
  • Although it looks complicated, it's actually quite a simple process once you understand the key. That being said, you can adapt the key to be whatever you want - I have.
  • There are some many places to find inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Group and Twitter) that I am still spending time creating 'collections' and I think I could go on forever.
  • It's so much easier to do things in pencil and go over it in pen. 
  • I've tried five different fine liners/black pens and I still haven't found one that doesn't ghost. 
  • The fact that you can be as creative as you want is amazing. I'm having so much fun creating different headers, doodling and trying fancy lettering. 
  • I'm loving that I can have a page for anything I want. Blog planner? Got it. Savings? Got it. Parcels I'm Waiting On? Got it. ITS AMAZING AS ITS ALL IN ONE PLACE.
  • I make a lot of mistakes, all of which can be covered in quote and art prints. 
  • Boho Berry is bullet journaling queen. 
I am going to be writing a lot more bullet journal themed posts on my blog, as I want to be able to share what I'm doing with people as well as get inspiration from others. What would you like to see? I'm thinking a sneak peak into some more of the pages I have created next!

Have you started bullet jorunaling? 
Lots of love, 

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  1. Me and my sister started our on Wednesday, and it's been so much fun setting it all up so far!! I've not got much of an artistic flair, so your's looks incredible compared to mine!! I'm loving having it all in one place :) Tania xx

  2. Everyone's bullet journals look great and I want to start one myself. Although a little worried I'll spend more time planning the journal than actually doing any work.

    Jen |

  3. Love this. Fab post x

  4. I bloody love my bullet journal. It is so great to keep you scheduled and it's super fun to set up - bonus!

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

  5. Love the idea of this, it's so satisfying to look at!!

    Hannah xx


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  7. Having heard bullet journalling being talked about a lot, I decided to look into it in more detail yesterday. Today I went out & bought my notebook & I'm having fun thinking through what I'd like to include & how I would like thing laid out. I'm excited to get started, but have decided to give myself the rest of this month to plan & get inspiration ready to start my bullet journal on 1st June. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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