Friday, 29 April 2016

10 Reasons I Love Fountain Pens

It's day five of National Stationery Week which means it's #fountainpenfriday! I've been looking forward to this one as I love a good fountain pen, so much so my collection has almost doubled over the last few months. As today is dedicated to fountain pens I thought I'd share with you the reasons I love them so much, a long with a review of two of my new additions from online stationery store 

1) There are so many different designs, colours, shapes and styles to choose from. Rose gold fountain pen anyone? Yes please!

2) Writing with a fountain pen makes your handwriting so much neater.

3) You can get inks in pretty much any colour, meaning you can have colourful and neat handwriting!

4) It reminds me of being back in school when writing in fountain pens was compulsory for handwriting practice. 

5) Writing with a fountain pen makes me feel pretty damn cool as they look so stylish. . 

6) I love writing with them so much that it encourages me to write a lot more. 

7) It encourages me to learn new things when it comes to handwriting - next on my list is calligraphy!

8) They're sustainable and good for the environment! 

9) In a world of technology fountain pens can bring you back to a simpler time. 

10) I can easily spend hours and hours shopping for a new pen, new inks or the perfect calligraphy set. 

Not only is it #fountainpenfriday, but it's Bureau Direct's fountain pen themed month over on their secondary website - Stationery Wednesday. So, to help me write the post they kindly sent me two LAMY fountain pens to test out and review, and of course I thought I'd let you know my thoughts. 

The pens I recieved are the LAMY Safari and the LAMY Nexx in pink. 

As they are from the same brand I was actually quite surprised to see that they were packaged extremely differently, with the Safari coming in plastic packaging and the Nexx in a tidy little black box. I much prefer the Nexx packaging, however the Safari did come with a really sleek silver sleeve to store the pen in which I imagine will last much longer than the cardboard from the Nexx. 

The obvious difference with the two pens is the design, the Safari is an all over bright pink with silver details, whereas the Nexx is mainly silver with a pink lid. The Nexx is a much more professional design, however I love the simplicity of the Safari and the fact the bright shade stands out among my other fountain pens. The Safari also has a barrel window which allows you to see how much ink you have left, helping avoid those moments where you'd check your ink and end up covered in it.

Both pens were extremely comfortable to write with, and I love how I can clearly see the difference in my handwriting with both. They're lightweight, meaning my handwriting was able to flow quickly and easily, something I remember being quite difficult to with the pens I used a school. Maybe I've just improved since then?

I really can't wait to start experimenting with these more and maybe then I can write a more in depth review of my whole LAMY collection. 

What do you love about fountain pens?

Lots of love, 

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  1. I love fountain pens, but I haven't used them since I left junior school. How bad is that? I think I'm put off because I seem to have a memory of ripping of pages/the ink bleeding through the pages, last time I tried to use one as an adult. My cousin uses the Lamy fountain pens at school and loves them! x x


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