Thursday, 17 March 2016

Your Favourite #TheGirlGang Blogger #3

Ahhh! It is week three of my new guest post series already! Your favourite #TheGirlGang blogger is when a new blogger gets to share their favourite Girl Gang bloggers with the rest of the bloggersphere! This week it's ChiChi from ChiChi Writes...

1) Who is your favourite #TheGirlGang blogger? Tell us a little bit about them.
I have a lot of favourite bloggers! One blog I've been reading is Unf4bul0us, a UK-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. The proud owner of this blog is a lady called Emma, who lives in Scotland and is studying to become a teacher.

2) When and how did you discover their blog?
I stumbled across her blog on Twitter some time ago (I think it was a few months ago.)

3) Why are they your favourite blogger?
I just love the way Emma writes, her blog is very easy to read, I feel like she talks to the reader and I love the blog layout.

4) Share three posts of theirs that you're loving right now, what is it you love about these posts in particular?
The Room Tour - - I'm quite nosy (not in a bad way!) and I love seeing bloggers and vloggers do room/house tours, and Emma's room is so beautiful!

5 Tips for Surviving Your First Day At Uni - I like this post because as a university student I can totally relate. I wish I'd read a post on how to survive my first day at university when I started.

Favourite makeup finds of 2015 - - I like this post because Emma explains in detail her favourite beauty products she discovered in 2015.

5) Has your favourite #TheGirlGang blogger done something that inspires you before? If yes, what was it?
I like the fact that Emma is open about her feelings on the blog and I think that that's very important in the blogging world.

6) Finally, share some other bloggers that you've been loving lately!
Thumbelina Lillie -
Robowecop -
Skinnedcartree -
Heythererobyn -

Name: Chichi
Blog URL:
Twitter: @chichi_291

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